#64. Spend the day in my town as a tourist and visit everything I can downtown

Yesterday I managed to complete one of my 101 goals- I spent the afternoon downtown with a friend and we ended up acting like huge tourists for 3-4 hours and taking a million pictures… And just trying to see the city through the eyes of a tourist. I know that I live in a beautiful city, I’ve said it many times, but yesterday I walked into tourist boutiques, I walked through the streets and acted like it was totally normal to take pictures everywhere I stood & I talked with street vendors and just tried to see the little things about Montreal that usually go unnoticed when I’m around these same places.

I think I love my city even more now, if possible. How could I ever want to live anywhere else? Home really is where the heart is.

The streets of Old Montreal

Old Port of Montreal

Me & my new street vendor friend. She made balloon animals and she made me a parrot!

Me & my parrot on the docks of the Old Port. I gave him to a little kid not too long after this though, so I needed some picture souvenirs!

Hanging out by the water, the Bonsecours Market in the background

A beautiful place called Place des Arts. Kids running through the fountains, sitting around on the grass, and just an overall lovely downtown-ish atmosphere.

Graffiti isn’t always ugly… This one is so neat- Montreal’s metro system all in 3D. So cool!

I didn’t go visit any museums or anything like that, which had originally been my idea when I wrote out this goal, but  I really took the time to visit the streets in a whole new way, and I think that counts for something too. There are still so many things that I want to do in Montreal, and I’m slowly crossing them off my list. For now though, I think I can consider this goal a complete success in a way that I wasn’t expecting.

Have you ever walked your city through the eyes of a tourist?


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  1. Being a tourist in your own city is the most fun! I do it all the time, because I live in such a tourist-heavy city. It’s fun and gets you out of your mundane life for a little while! Lovely pictures. 🙂

  2. We don’t live in a very touristy place…but we’ve talked about going to Montreal! We only live about 4 hours from there! Love these pictures.

    • You only live 4 hours away?! Oh you’d have so much fun here! You should try and come next summer or something & we can meet up for a bit and I can show you guys around for a day! 🙂 If you ever do book a little trip here you’ll have to let me know.

  3. I went travelling a few years back and did so much free stuff all over Europe – it’s been one of my goals ever since I came home to be a tourist in my own city – hopefully I’ll ge round to it someday soon!

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