50 Questions Part III


I’m answering these questions in an attempt to get to know myself better, and to be more honest and open on my blog, but also just in general.

You can read Part 1 and Part 2 also!

11. You’re having lunch with three people you respect and admire.  They all start criticizing a close friend of yours, not knowing she is your friend.  The criticism is distasteful and unjustified.  What do you do?

– The better part of me wants to say that I would immediately jump to my friends’ defense, and I’d like to think that in this situation I would, but part of me knows that when it comes to this kind of thing I’m super non-confrontational. I don’t like talking about people with simple acquaintances, and I’ll never do it just to be a part of a conversation. If anything I try and change the topic or I don’t take part in the conversation at all, if that’s an option. I think that to save an unnecessary argument, I might just try and change the topic, but hopefully if the criticism were really wrong I would have the guts to really stand up for my friend.

12. If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?

– Be yourself. Whether people laugh at you or not, once you’re out of high school it will never matter again. If you stay true to yourself you’ll be more of a person than anyone who brings you down.

13. Would you break the law to save a loved one?

– Yes, in a heart beat.

14. Have you ever seen insanity where you later saw creativity?

– Definitely, when it comes to writing. Actually, just the other day at work I was on break with a bunch of coworkers and we were having the most ridiculous conversation about all of us being stranded on a deserted island together and how things would go down. It was honestly the most insane thing, but when I got home that night I was still thinking about that conversation and how it might turn out in a book, if 40+ people who KNOW each other ended up on an island together. Hmm.

15. What’s something you know you do differently than most people?

– It took me a long time to answer this question, because I couldn’t think of anything in particular that I 100% do different than anyone else in the world. I couldn’t skip the question and I couldn’t handle not having an answer because that meant I might not be different at all. Then I came to an important conclusion (while I took a break and did dishes): I may not have one specific thing that makes me unique, but everything about me put together, the way all of me is put together, that’s how I am different… I know it’s not what I DO different, but hey, it’s my blog and I’m answering the question a little differently than it was asked. Also, I have no idea if any one thing I do is not necessarily done by someone, somewhere else on this planet.


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