Turning Twenty Two


Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes on my last post, and to any more that come in… Thank you again! I had a really great weekend, it was not only a lot of fun with friends & family, but reminded me just how much I’m loved and how important it is to cherish the relationships that I have in my life. I’ve been SO blessed with the people that I have in my life, I don’t know how it can get better- but I have no doubt it will. So here we go, a birthday weekend recap:

Friday, I worked all day, and later in the evening I went out for dessert and drinks with my 3 Greece girls. It was July 8th around 10PM, and as we sat down we all smiled, realizing that in EXACTLY one month from that moment it would be our very first night together in Greece. So exciting! We had a lovely couple of hours just sitting, talking, drinking a really strong chocolate martini (yum! but so strong!) and eating delicious dessert food.

Chocolate Martini, a little strong, but so good!

Saturday, I worked again until 4PM… And then I excitedly went home and got ready for a night with work friends! My lovely friend Kasey hosted one of her awesome themed parties specially for me, and 20 people or so came over and sang me happy birthday at midnight and just overall made me feel very awesome.

The Birthday girl (me!) and the hostess (Kasey!)

As a side note, Kasey has her very own Etsy shop where she makes one of a kind purses from recycled materials, and this is the one she made me for my birthday! She finished it the day after the party so I’ve only met it through this picture, but it is JUST what I had asked her to make me for Greece- a cute little satchel to carry around necessities!

My birthday cupcakes! Yes, those are cupcakes baked inside of an ice-cream cone… I was too busy eating the other ones to have any space left to eat one of them though- I heard they were delicious!

The whole apartment was decorated just for me! This is just one little part of it that I thought was super cute.

My first picture as a 22 year old! yes, I’m sitting on the floor, it was just cooler down there!

I had a special flamingo drinking glass, and she got jealous so she bought herself one too… Loved it!

Sunday, my official birthday, I had to wake up around 9:30am (I got to bed around 3am, so it felt like an early morning) and I slowly got myself ready for a birthday brunch with 9 of my closest friends. I didn’t take any pictures at breakfast, I honestly just completely forgot because I was so overwhelmed. I got so many unexpected gifts, I truly was not even thinking of that, and yet all my friends were thinking of me. I got a crazy amount of birthday cards, all written with so much thought and love I can’t even begin to tell you. I received an overwhelming amount of wishes through Facebook, by text, by phone call, in person, on Twitter and right here. It was honestly such an amazing day, no wonder I love my birthday so darn much.

After my breakfast, I headed home and spent the afternoon getting a few things together for my evening with family. I helped my mom out and then my cousin who I only see a few times a year came over, so I spent a few hours with her too. My brother, my sister-in-law, my second set of parents (AKA my brothers’ in-laws), my mom and my cousin were all here until around 9PM for an amazing dinner, dessert and even MORE presents. Seriously, I could not even believe how spoiled I got this year. I got to spend some long overdue time with the fam, my mom cooked what I can only describe as a melt-in-your-mouth kinda meal, and just yeah. It was over way too soon, but I was lucky enough to wake up this morning to even MORE birthday wishes. Have I mentioned how freaking LOVED I felt these last few days?!

Delicious Birthday Cake. YUMMMMMYY.

Me with mama and papa to-be! She is still looking fantastic, and more beautiful and pregnant each time I see her! My little nephew is apparently doing lots of tumbles and kicks in her tummy, but he stayed pretty quiet last night. I bet he was just chilling and enjoying the family time too?

I just had to share this picture, is he good looking or WHAT?

Thank you once again to everybody for making this a really memorable weekend, so far, I am just loving being twenty two years old!

And if you made it to the end of this hugely gigantic post, how was your weekend?! 


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  1. Aww, what a fun birthday you had, so full of love! Glad it was a memorable one for you 🙂 <33

    If I ever come to Montreal I'll have to let you know. We're only around 4-5 hours away from Quebec and we keep talking about going!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Melissa! Looks like you had a fab weekend, I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed it. Seems you have some really lovely friends and family 🙂
    I have never heard of a Chocolate Martini but feel I need to work on getting that in my life! It looks amazing…so do the cupcakes and birthdat cake for that matter! 😀
    I hope it’s an amazing year for you x

  3. It sounds like you had a great birthday but more importantly at 22 years old you already have a lot of good friends and loved ones there to celebrate it with you. If that’s not a good enough gift then I’m glad you liked your bag LOL

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