Project 365: 1-7


One of my 23 Before 23 goals is to complete Project 365. Every Sunday (since that’s the day I started) I’m going to post my pictures from the week, in hopes that it helps me keep up with the project if I have a schedule. So here we go!

Day 1: July 10th 2011

Happy 22nd Birthday to me!

Day 2

The beginning of my healthy eating, and so far I just couldn’t be happier.

Day 3

My first day at the fitness gym that I joined- this is the frame that sits in the girls’ locker room! I just loved it.

Day 4

Harry Potter event at work- me & some of my work friends became certified wizards that night! (Yes, I am wearing a Gryffindor scarf, and yes I’m proud of it.)

Day 5

The day the last movie came out- I haven’t seen it yet, but all I heard, read & talked about today was HP related. It was a sad day and I desperately need to re-read and re-watch everything ASAP.

Day 6

After work I went over to Jenia’s house for an amazingly delicious dinner & then ice cream with a few best friends. We all ate super healthy, til the peanut butter & jam ice cream cone a few hours later… But seriously, there’s nothing better than an evening with some of the people I love best!

Day 7

Vans Warped Tour 2011. What an amazing day. There are a million pictures I could have used, but it really came down to this picture of me and Jenn’s feet at 8pm, just before we left. I love Warped so much, and you know it was a successful day depending on how dirty you are. Poor Jenn got a sunburn on her feet (top) as well as being dirty! There is a whole post coming on this day soon, very soon.

Yes, I do realize that half of these pictures are food related. I see a pattern. I’ll try and be more original next week, but I just love food!

Hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend! 


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