A look at some memories


There are certain things in your room (or house) that say a lot about who you are. Your purse, your bookshelf, your computer, Caitlin’s post that sparked my idea, your fridge! The things you carry around with you and use to decorate the rooms in your house say more about you as a person than you even realize. It got me thinking about the cork board that I have hanging up in my room, which I just re-did after my birthday and looks something like this:

I re-decorated it with some of my favorite things lying around without a second thought about it, until this morning when I realized that it probably says a ton about me, so I thought I’d take it apart corner by corner and share!

Β  from left to right:

– The pink card on the left has been a favorite of mine since I received it almost 5 years ago. One of my favorite things EVER is cards, so they make quite an appearance on my board. I love this one because it’s from a best friend of mine who not only picked out a gorgeous card, but wrote some really sweet stuff in it!

– The black & white photo booth pictures are from just last month when I went to the Biodome with my friend Crystal! We ran in and took them really quick- the first one didn’t turn out but I think it made the whole thing more memorable! I hadn’t taken pics like that in years.

– The hanging seashell necklace was a gift from my friend Kate that she brought home from me from Hawaii! I’ve always loved it.

– The 23 Before 23 List is the main part of my board. I thought that by writing all my goals down and featuring them, I might look at them more often and remind myself to keep working hard to achieve each and every single one this year!

– The necklace with the two stars on it reminds me of my younger teen years, when I met a girl who would become my best friend for 5 years or so. Her along with another friend of ours who lived further away all bought star charms to represent each other and we wore them for years!

from the top to the bottom:

– The siblings card is from my brother from a couple years back. I think it’s still one of my all time favorite cards because my brother is not the kind of person to write long messages at ALL, but this year in particular he had written something that really made me smile and made me feel extra loved. I also just love the card in general! πŸ™‚

– On the right side there’s a little golden thingy sticking out, I forgot to take bring it in for the picture but it’s the little thingy that sat on my high school graduation hat! It says 2006 on it and I love it because it reminds me of my convocation, which I remember surprisingly well. After graduating we all walked outside in our gowns and I did a little happy dance- I couldn’t believe how grown up I felt!

– The Dear Jack Foundation is one of my favorite charities, and not only because it was started by my favorite musician (Andrew McMahon)!! The foundation raises money for cancer and a lot of the money they raise is because of the music business. Charity concerts, boots at music festivals, and fans who support it too. Andrew started the charity after he survived leukemia himself, and I really do whatever I can to help them out!

Β from right to left:

– The first square card is one from my brother and my sister-in-law, and I just loved the message! It says ‘You’ve got your friends, you’ve got your family… Then there’s your sister- the best of both” Cute, right?

– The middle card was actually one from this year from one of my closest friends James! He always picks out really cute cards and this one deserved a spot!

– The card on the far left is from my friend Agnes and I actually just adore it for all it’s hilariousness and cuteness inside. One the front, under the two ridiculous looking girls it says “Men are clearly intimidated by us” and the first time I read it I just died of laughter! You know, because it’s so ironic?

– The snowflake in the very middle is an ornament that I received as a gift one Christmas but that I wanted to keep in my room because I thought it was so beautiful!

from right to left:

– The big white snowflake was from my High School formal ball in my graduating year. It was one of the most fun outings I’d had in high school- in retrospect, even better than prom! The snowflakes were hanging throughout the room and a ton of us stole one to bring home!

– The Rock n’ Roll’s Enemy sticker is from a band (turned friends) called The Februarys that I discovered with Jenn & Jenia in May 2009 when we went on a mini 5-date concert tour. I interviewed them out of interest and they ended up being an incredibly talented bunch of guys- and still are!

– The pink note just above it says ‘Hug License’, which I think is just awesome and kind of funny. I think I received that in College after finishing up the strangest class I’ve ever taken. It was called Communications and it took place on pillows. Enough said.

– The note written in green underneath it all is from a girl I don’t talk to anymore. My first concert experience ever was with her, we went to see From First to Last and this was the note she wrote me at her house after the show. It’s a reference to one of their songs and even though the note is now 7 years old and we don’t talk anymore, I’ve always loved it.

– Spongebob is just awesome. The pin on him says ‘The Hot Streak’ and they used to be a Montreal band that I discovered with Jenia in 2008 I think. They’re a bunch of really talented guys and some of them have become some really great friends that I still see! They’re all in different bands now but I’ve always remembered this particular one, just because.

– The Heavy MTL necklace thing was from last summer when I did media with Jenia at the Heavy MTL concert in Montreal. It was terrifying at first, but turned into one of the coolest experiences ever. I interviewed KORN and two other heavy metal bands and they still stand out in my mind because the guys in the bands were some of the nicest!

from top to bottom:

– The two key chains were little gifts from my sister-in-law’s brother after some of his travels around the world. I have at on of key chains from everywhere really, it’s one of my favorite things to collect!

– The picture behind it was ripped out of one of my high school agendas. One day in class a friend of mine was bored so she doodled all around my name and I always just loved the picture!

– The colored photo booth pictures are (hideous) the last ones I took, probably 3 or 4 years ago before the ones up above in the first picture. I always have the best time with that girl!

– Yes that’s a huge buzz light year pen to the left of the pictures. Yes, I know it’s awesome.

– The very bottom triangular sign says ‘Awesomeness Starts with MELP (me)’ and it’s one of the decorations I stole from my birthday party 2 weeks ago with my work friends! I thought it was the cutest thing ever.

And finally…

This is a collection of some of the passes and necklaces I’ve accumulated through the years and some of my favorite experiences ever.

-The first one was my very first Music Festival experience ever as media, and it was two years ago at the Virgin Festival. I interviewed people like Karl Wolfe, Kreesha Turner, and Stereos, and I loved every minute of it. Plus media got a ton of gifts!

– The middle one is another one from Heavy MTL

– The last one was my identification for the walk from last summer! I only did one out of two days, but trust me that was enough for me. I’ve never been more tired but felt better about myself after accomplishing something!

If you got through this whole post, congratulations! Now you know that much more about me and some of my very favorite things. What do you have in your house that really speaks out loud about your personality?


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