Project 365: 8-14


Week two of Project 365…

Day 8

Family dinner: home made hamburgers and oven baked home fries, good company around the table outside & lovely weather to top it all off. What a good day!

Day 9

A Twitter friend opened my eyes today to the addictive world that is the game of Lego Harry Potter, oh boy!

Day 10

The Guest Blogging list… Don’t peak too much, it’ll ruin the surprise! But today is the day that I started scheduling the posts and organizing what’s what. I am way too excited about this! (and organized)

Day 11

The sign outside the “fire room” at my fitness gym… AKA the hot yoga class. Today was my first one and I’m in love with it! Can’t wait to do it again this week.

Day 12

Life without an air conditioner during a heat wave… This was the temperature in the coolest room of my house (the kitchen) when the sun set. Ugh.

Day 13

Dinner with friends, sitting next to one of my favorites! The food was DELICIOUS. I would have shared a food picture but I promised myself I’d calm down on those…

Day 14

Spontaneous night out downtown with two girls from work for some sangria and fireworks It took us nearly 2 hours to get there because of traffic and parking, but we made it, and it was oh so delicious.

And how has your week been?!


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  1. I do think this is a cool project. I’m not a big picture man myself but I do like the way you get to see a snap shot of your life from a completely different angle (pardon the pun) instead of the usual posed mug shots all of the time.

    • Yeah I love the idea of looking back in a year and seeing little things from my life each day! I’m not a huge picture-taker either, it’s tough to remember every day but so far I’ve been good about it & it is making me take more pictures which was my goal for the project!

  2. Burgers, fries and great company? Hell yes. Also sangrias and fireworks sounds like so much fun. I watched some fireworks last night from my house, there was a festival along the river. The heat (near 100 degrees) kept me away from the festival but I always enjoy a good fireworks show.

  3. I know I haven’t been around a lot but I promise to be better from here on out and comment on all your blog posts! And I didn’t see my name on the list 😦 Is it because I hadn’t visited in awhile? I promise I haven’t visited anyone in like 2 months. Can I be a guest blogger too?

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