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As a little side-note before I get started, you may have noticed that two guest posts accidentally went up on your Google Reader or were e-mailed to you… That was a complete accident! They’re both scheduled for later on in August when I’m in Greece, and even though I caught my mistake the minute I hit publish it wasn’t soon enough. So basically, pretend you didn’t see them? And make sure to read both of them again when they’re ACTUALLY posted. And don’t forget to check out all the posts starting on August 7th! 

Sometimes I like to share my StumbleUpon discoveries when I’m feeling uninspired or going through an ‘I’m obsessed with StumbleUpon’ phase, but today I thought I’d mix it up and add in a little bit of everything that I’ve been loving on the internet lately.

I’m spending so much time reading new blogs, I thought it was time that I share some favorites! Here we go.

-Most importantly, go check out an interview I did with Medi, an English singer born in France! He was one of the nicest guys to sit down with (do I say that every time?) and you should definitely go listen to his solo album, it’s got a great summer feel to it.

-Second most important, I’m currently the ‘Featured Career‘ on Amber from Girl With The Red Hair’s blog! The interview was so much fun to write up and I’m really excited about being able to share the details of what I do for CONFRONT with all her readers, so go check it out, leave a comment and look around the rest of her blog too!

Ashlyn’s post with recipes on delicious summer smoothies. YUMMY. As a side note, how pretty is this girls’ blog?! Definitely a new find.

– Curious how bloggers like to promote themselves? Alycia helps us out a little.

– Rachel’s photo challenge on ‘happy spots in your home‘ is awesome!

– I loved Caitlin’s honest post about learning to love herself. I know every girl can take a little something from this one!

– I hate when this happens. But I LOVE how witty it is!

– I may have to steal this post idea from Amber even though I wasn’t tagged, either!

– These promises to a future wife. Seriously, heart melt much?!

This whole blog is basically hilarious, but what caught my eye? An open letter to Emma Watson, ha!

– Also this whole blog. I want to be a paper blogger, for real how cool?!

Unrelated to the blogosphere…

This piece written by Russell Brand about Amy Winehouse’s death and the effects of addiction. So heartbreaking and honest, I had goosebumps the whole way through.

On that topic, although I was never a huge Amy Winehouse fan, it was easy to see that she was a talented girl who simply could not be helped, and that is very sad. As a follower of the music industry, I hate seeing such young artists die of causes that could be prevented. Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean you’re invincible and everyone deserves to get help. But such is life, and even the best and most talented people have their afflictions. so may she rest in peace and I truly hope she’s happier and free of the problems that followed her throughout her life.


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