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 Sidenote: If you’d like to read my last post, you can just ask for the password! Sometimes it’s just easier to write something when you know exactly who’s reading it. Just leave me a comment, a twitter reply or send me an e-mail and I’ll send you the password!  

Ever since starting to plan my vacation to Greece I’ve been completely infatuated with the idea of visiting all the most beautiful places on earth. It’s no surprise that I’ve been looking at gorgeous pictures from around the world and day dreaming myself to those places. I thought I might share some of my favorite finds today, simply because I think everyone deserves to stare longingly and pretend they were there, too!

My current dream destinations (besides Greece, which is definitely in there!) are definitely India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, Lebanon & Egypt. I must visit all these places ASAP!

Where are you dreaming of today?




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    • Definitely not alone!! Thanks for stopping by & subscribing 🙂 your profile linked me to your Twitter so now I’m off to check out your photography and blog!

  1. I’m too busy at home to day dream at the moment but I love the first and the last photo. Both would the types of destinations that would inspire me. Can I read your last post please?

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