July: The Review


I had set up July to be a very big month for myself, and I’m only partially satisfied with how things turned out. Here’s a review on the goals I wanted to achieve, and how well I did.

1) Get back to eating healthy, track my weight & start exercising again.

I definitely started eating healthy again and tracking my food. I also started exercising when I joined a fitness gym. I wish I would have done MORE because I don’t really see any big results, but I’m still trying and I had to start somewhere right? The one thing I do notice is a huge improvement in my overall endurance when I work out and that was a big accomplishment for me since I’m not a very fit person in general.

Is there anything better than perfectly ripe mango? I don’t think so! This was my fruit of the month, for sure.

2) Try and donate blood again

It took me long enough, but I ACCOMPLISHED THIS ONE. Hallelujah!

3) Read 8 books/Cross off two reading goals.

I was totally off my reading this month. I wanted to read 8 and I think I read 3. I was SO stressed out with all the things I needed to do before I leave (next week!) for the month of August, that any time I picked up a book my mind immediately started racing back to all the things I needed to do. I read three and picked up 2 more, but I only got half way through both. I just couldn’t get into a book. That’s the least amount I’ve read in a month since last SEPTEMBER. Crazy.

4) Renew my learner’s permit.

Why do I always conveniently forget about this one?

5) Complete 5 more goals from my 101 Goals list to be at 50 total accomplished.

These are the ones I had originally wanted to complete, and I crossed off the ones I actually did.

a) Read for an hour every day for 2 weeks

– I accomplished this one in the first two weeks of July when I was still reading a lot (before my really weird reading break). I love reading and I’m sure I’ve accomplished this one many times over in the last 7 months or so, and I’d like to continue to read at least this much, even when I’m in school.

b) Re-read 5 novels I loved when I was younger 

– I re-read the entire Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series (4 books) throughout June and in July I read The Giver, a favorite from at least 10 years ago. I still loved all the books as much as when I was young, but I have to admit I remembered The Giver as a much more elaborate book than what it was- maybe I’ve just moved on to tougher reading with age?

c) Spend an evening away from my laptop once a week for 2 months (I’m halfway there, at the end of July I’ll be done!)

– This was SUCH a fun goal to complete. It really gave me the chance to take a step away from the internet and just read or spend some time doing a chore that I was putting off because I was too distracted on Twitter or Facebook. I would love to continue to do this when I get home from Greece!

d) Read  3 novels on Well Being (2/3 complete) [I would have gotten to this one had I not completely stopped reading…]
e) Go one month without junk food. [Fail! Although I’ve been eating SO much better than ever before, I still need my cheats. Not sure I’ll ever be able to fully complete this one. ]

As well as:

f) Give blood
g) Stop biting my nails (if I make it through the month I’ll cross this one off)
–> As a side note on biting my nails, I gave in almost a week into July, but I stopped again last week… So I can’t cross it off, but it wasn’t a total waste!

h) Spend a day with my phone turned off

– I’m crossing this one off because I shut it off for a good 4-6 hours in the afternoon one day… I only turned it on to check my work schedule on my calendar and I ended up having a bunch of missed (important) texts and voice mails, so I decided to turn it back on. Apparently one day away from technology is one day too much!

I also crossed off #48 on my 101 List which I had practically given up on: Join a gym. I call that a small little success! I really had no imagined crossing that one off at this point.

Yoga & Health Studio. I’m going to miss this place when my 1 month membership expires! 

This month was definitely a BUSY month for me. My goals were always at the back of my mind, but above anything I’ve been preparing myself non-stop for Greece. From scheduling posts, to celebrating my birthday, to going to concerts, to writing up my interviews from Warped Tour, July was non stop. I hardly had ANY time to just sit outside and read- my favorite summer activity.

Hanging out under a tree at Warped Tour, July 16th- SO HOT outside, but one of the funnest experiences ever!

If anything, all this hectic-ness has made me even more excited to spend countless hours on the beach for the rest of the month. Can you believe it? In exactly ONE WEEK I’ll be in Athens, Greece. Unbelievable.

How was your month? Fun, busy, filled with summer fun? I hope so! 


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  1. You say that you didn’t get a lot done but it seems you have completed lots of little things. As for my July I’ve been busy taking car of my mother in law after an operation, so I’ve only just moved back into my own home! But I did manage to cross off one or two things from my list and start work on some long term goals including reading all of the Sherlock Holmes stories. Enjoy your holiday, you deserve it!

    • Whenever I write these posts I start off feeling like I haven’t done much, and then it turns out that I did a lot of little things.. I guess it just doesn’t feel like itf or some reason!

      I’m glad you got to cross some things off your goals list this month too 🙂

  2. Such discipline! I am always too afraid to turn off my phone, but this past month i have been pretty good about spending less time on the compy. Liberating, right?

  3. Congrats on accomplishing so many of your goals! I love fresh mango in mango lassi especially. Glad you’re having a great summer!

  4. I still need to give blood someday. I’m just so scared for some reason! It’s absolutely silly and unnecessary. YAY FOR GREECE! I am so excited for you!!

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  6. I love when you read 3 books that month and it’s the least amount you’ve read for a while (cause some months I feel I’m lucky if I get through any!). Yay for book readers!

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