#23 on the 101 in 1,001


Today I had the chance to cross off a goal on my list that I’ve been wanting to complete since the day I came up with it almost 2 years ago.

#23. Tip 100% to an amazing waiter/waitress

…And it was the best feeling ever.

I went out for breakfast with my 3 Greece girls this morning to catch up (because I’ve missed them and 3 weeks clearly won’t be enough) but also mostly to just finish up last minute details together. We sat down in Cora’s and our waitress immediately came up to us happily to see how we were doing. After nearly 10 minutes we still weren’t ready to order because we had completely forgotten to check our menus- we were excitedly chattering away together about Greece. She didn’t seem put off at all, but one of my friends told her that we were heading there in a couple days and we couldn’t settle down to order and what did the waitress do? She started freaking out with us, sat on the booth next to us and told us all about her trip to Greece and gave us a ton of really great tips that she caught along the way.

She was SO sweet to us the entire time, and then we found out she was also a teacher and this was just her part-time job for fun. My other friend is studying to become a teacher and has been looking for a little opening to get a job and when our waitress found out she told her all about her class, wrote out her e-mail address and cell number and told my friend that they should keep in contact and she would let her come into her class and show her exactly how her days go. How sweet is that?!

While we were there (for an hour and a half) a bunch of her students came in requesting to be served by her, and another waitress even told us that her students constantly called to see if she was at work so they could come be served for her. She was such a sweet, young and amazing lady. I told my friends that since my breakfast wasn’t super pricey, I was really thinking of tipping her 100%. They were so on board with the idea, they were just as excited as I was about it!

Finally when we headed to the cash, another waitress was helping us pay her bills and I told her what I wanted to do and she got SO excited about it too, and said that was the sweetest idea ever. She told me that I should go tell my waitress, Anne, what I was doing but I didn’t want to make her feel awkward about it or anything. After paying, my friends pushed me forward so I went to find her in the restaurant.

I told her that she gave such amazing service today and that we all really appreciated it. I explained to her I’ve had this goal all year to tip a waitress 100% and that I left her a nice big tip at the cash and she was SO happy you guys. She gave me this BIG BIG hug and was like “Are you serious?! Thank you SO much. You just made my day.”

I just made her day. 

It cost me a little more than I had planned for the morning, but I left there feeling so great about myself and I know that I brightened her day up. I know that she deserved that tip and I don’t regret it one bit, and hopefully it’s a little story she’ll remember for a while… I know I will!

What have you done that was really special for a complete stranger lately? 


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  1. Tipping a server 100% has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Many of them work so hard and don’t get much in return so I imagine this brightened her day so much and all her other tables received exceptional service. 🙂 She will definitely remember you & way to go for doing this!

    • Yeah servers really do get a lot of crap so I felt really great about doing it 😀 you should, if you ever feel like they truly deserve it- just do it. I was a bit anxious about it but I was so happy when I left, it was an awesome feeling.

    • No no, I’ve been picky about it too. I think waiters are good at doing their job most of the time, but often I don’t even want to tip AT ALL. I hate when they just expect to get a good tip because it’s part of the job description. If I don’t like you, I won’t tip you well. But I know how great it feels when you go out of your way for a customer and they tell you so, so it really just felt like the perfect moment to cross this goal off. 🙂

  2. I’m a server and I have to say it’s pretty rare to come across people like this. Maybe it’s just the location or restaurant I work in, but sometimes it feels like people can’t even bothered to spare $5 for their $100 check. Nevertheless, servers deal with a lot of crap, so you definitely made this girl’s day! We may remember the bad tippers, but we also remember the guests who brightened our day. 🙂

    • Aw, thank you!! I’m glad to hear from someone who works in the business, I know it’s tough for you guys so I’m really REALLY happy to hear that it really did make her day and she wasn’t just saying that. 😀

  3. I’m an overtipper by nature, but I’ve never tipped 100% but I might just have to add this as one of my 12 Random Acts of Kindness I’m attempting this year!

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