Project 365: 22-28


I’m posting my pictures of Project 365 a day early because I want to write a real deal post tomorrow just before leaving on vacation. So here we go, my week in pictures!

Day 22

Reunion dinner with my girls, one of my favorite restaurants. I mean, how amazing does this look?!

Day 23

After an early morning at work & some productive bathing suit shopping, it was time to get a few last rays of Montreal sunshine!

Day 24

Got my very first pedicure today! There’s really no way to take a picture of your feet and make it look good though, oh well.

Day 25

Spent an hour or so at the park this evening with a good friend of mine, just talking and acting like kids one last time before I leave for the rest of the month!

Day 26

My earliest morning for work in my career! SO early, but luckily also my last one for a long time. Took this kind of availability off my schedule while I’m in school, and it’s a huge relief. Waking up before the sun is not my idea of a good time.

Day 27

NKOTBSB night. This is a shot of Backstreet Boys on their platform at the beginning of the show, and basically the sum of the last 15 years of my life. Nothing beats seeing these guys live- not to mention this is the closest I’ve ever been so see them! Also? I am officially a New Kids fan!

Day 28

Getting ready to start packing… DAY BEFORE I LEAVE THE COUNTRY, YAY! This is my room, in all it’s messy glory. It’s also the part of my home I will miss the absolute most. I love it in here, no matter how messy it can be!

And how’s your week been? Fantastic I hope?! 


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