Leaving on a jet plane


I can’t believe that today is FINALLY the day that I’m hopping on a 10 hour direct flight from Montreal straight to Athens, Greece.

In 17 hours from right now we’ll be touching down and staying for three entire weeks. I’ll be visiting different cities, villages and islands and I’m SO excited. My friends & I have been planning this for no less than THREE months.

Greece is one of my dream vacations, so this is pretty much a dream come true.

First time in Europe, and it’s one of my top 5  places to visit ever.

While I’m gone, I’ve prepared a whole ton of guest posts for all my readers and I’m so genuinely excited for you to be able to read each and every single one. Getting this together has been tough, stressful but more than anything it’s been awesome. So if you’re reading this right now, I hope that for every post that goes up you’ll make that person feel super welcome over here and show them a little bit of love, and go on over and visit their blog too (unless you already read it, in which case just praise their guest post because they all rock).

I’ve got a few posts lined up in there myself, and I hear that Greece has internet (woo hoo!) so maybe I’ll pop in and update when I get the chance.

If not, have the most fabulous three weeks ever, and I’ll see you all on August 30th!


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  1. I know you’re already there and loving it, but wanted to let you know I’m anxiously awaiting your return (if only so I can read about it and live via your adventures) and wishing you safe travels!

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