Guest Post: Paul from 101 Things in 1001 Days


Paul is a fairly new blogger- 3 months around now. He started up his blog to be able to track his accomplishments as he crosses off the numbers on his 101 List. I love his list: it includes little things like ‘run up an escalator the wrong way’ and much bigger things like ‘Feed the lions’ which kind of terrifies me! I think my favorite is the fact that he made sure to include a few numbers for the love his life- how sweet is that?!

You can read more about Paul and the things he’s already crossed off his list on his blog, and check out his 101 list too! And yes, that is a picture of him sky diving. I’m scared for him… Seriously. I’m pretty sure I would have a much more terrified look if this was my picture!

Without realising it I’ve been making life lists since I was a teen, when I would make mental notes of things I would want to do in my life. My list consisted of running a marathon, getting a tattoo, be a passenger on an aeroplane and dunking a basketball. From that original list I’ve done everything but run a marathon.

I spent most of my twenties not having any real expectations or goals in life and as a result didn’t achieve as much as I’d like. Although I did continue my gene pool, I stood behind Niagara Falls and went to the top of the CN Tower. The truth be known I actually became addicted to a well known online role playing game and lost interest in a lot of things that were going on in my life.

I tried to quit a number of times and failed. Then I received a gift from my daughters which would change my life and lead me to quitting online gaming for good. Richard Horne’s 101 Things To Do Before You Die was the gift that brought me back to wanting to live my life in the real world and not a virtual one.

I’ve spent the last two years working on the list in the book and trying to create a more personalised one. I’ve managed to get some of the things in the book done along with a few of my own, such as sky diving, zorbing and paint balling. I’d taken the first step in living my life again and I was beginning to do things that were more memorable and exciting than some video game. I wasn’t making things happen for myself instead I just did them when they were offered to me on a plate.

Then I came across the Day Zero project. If you’ve not come across the project before, the basic concept is that you make a list of 101 things and you aim to complete them in 1001 days. the idea being that with a dead line in place it brings your focus on getting things done rather than just writing lists. Suddenly two years of listing and attempted blogging seemed to fit in to place and 101 Things 1001 Days the website was born.

This time my list of 101 Things is a personalised list using ideas from other lists I’ve found on the internet. I’m only a few weeks into the project and only time will tell if it’s successful or not. If it’s successful I’ll have run up an escalator the wrong way, bungee jumped, climbed to the top of a mountain, milked a cow and finally run my marathon.


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  2. Phew! I’m glad you’re no longer “addicted” to role playing games. It’s nice to break free of nerddom, isn’t it? I’m so glad your girls bought you that book. I can’t wait to follow your adventures!

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