Guest Post: Novelista Barista


When I started reading blogs a year or two ago, Novelista Barista was probably one of the first ones in my Google Reader. I’ve always loved her posts about her daily inspirations, her life, and her hometown New York City (my dream!)

Among all the things she does to keep busy, she loves to travel. I thought she would be just perfect to take over my blog for a day, and I couldn’t have been more excited when she agreed!

Have You Ever Seen a Volcano?

I never had. Until I went to Costa Rica. This is Volcano Arenal. It is still active and at night you can see the lava faintly coming out of the top. A very crazy awesome experience. Not every day can you go and see a volcano.

Costa Rica was one of the best vacations of my life and I have been since wanting to go back. Their motto for the country is “Pura Vida” and I have been in love with that ever since and I have just recently gotten it as a tattoo on my side. Everyone that I met there really cares about their life and how to make it better and be happy. They can live off of nothing and still be happy. It is very amazing to see especially coming from New York where we have everything here and access to everything at any time.

They even paint their palm trees…

Both coasts are beautiful and amazing to see, especially when you rent a car and drive across the country. Although it seems like a crazy idea and dangerous, as long as you have a map and a spanish dictionary, you are good to go. I would recommend it to anyone who goes to Costa Rica definitely to rent a car, you can go so many more places and see so many more things this way.

If you have never been to Central America and want somewhere to go, go to Puerto Viejo Costa Rica or Jaco. They are both very nice places and they are also very safe.

Have you ever been?


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