Guest Post: Sophie from threetimesf


Today’s guest post is from the lovely Sophie who blogs about her every day life on her blog threetimesf! I think the funnest thing about this whole guest blogging adventure of mine is discovering all these fun new blogs and Sophie is no different! Also a fun fact, we currently share the same WordPress theme. Ha!

When I first started speaking with Sophie she told me that she did a lot of traveling so I was of course immediately intrigued. I’m incredibly jealous of her trip and I just know you will be too!

Hi everyone!

I’m Sophie and I blog over at threetimesf! Seeing as Melissa is off enjoying her holidays, she has invited me to share a few travelling stories with you.

2 years ago I spent the summer interrailing around European cities.

30 days, 11 hostels, 10 cities, 2 best friends, a lot of fun and only a few minor disasters!

It was seriously the best summer of my life.

So Melissa very kindly invited me to guest post for her today, and I thought I’d share some pictures and travelling tips with you – because, why wouldn’t you want to go interraling too?! Exactly, there is no reason.

So to finish off, here are my top 5 travelling tips…

* Pack your bags, and then take half the stuff out again. Seriously, you won’t need it and will more than likely end up ditching stuff en route because you can’t be bothered to carry it anymore.

* Wash your underwear/tshirts etc in the shower everyday – saves a lot of laundrette hassle and leaves more beer dollar – double win!

* If you are interrailing (or come to think of it, travelling by any means of transport other than a plane) take a bicycle padlock with you. This means that you can padlock your bag to a railing on the train/bus/whatever and you will be less paranoid about people stealing your stuff.

* Don’t stress about packing toiletries other than the basic deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste. They WILL have shops where you are going, and the shops WILL sell this sort of thing! You don’t want to be wasting valuable luggage space! Also, if you are travelling with friends cosy up and share everything, including shower gel!

* Finally, take a decent camera! (I know this sounds obvious but you’d be surprised!) And take the lead with you – when your memory card is full, fork out some ££ for some hostel internet and email the home/to yourself/to facebook. Oooooh and take videos aswell as pictures – it may well be true that a pictures says a million words, but if that is the case then a photo/video combo will say millions!

 Happy Travels!



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