Guest Post: Amber from Girl With The Red Hair


Amber writes over at Girl With The Red Hair and her blog is definitely a favorite. I came across her blog one day through another (I don’t remember who at this point) but I instantly loved the way she wrote, and I’ve been a follower ever since! Fun fact, Amber is getting married next year (yay!) and I’m having the greatest time reading about her adventures as she gets ready for her special day, among everything else she writes about.

I think scheduling this post was the one that got me the most excited for my trip… It’s not hard to see why! Amber went to Greece herself and had the most fabulous time! I’m suddenly craving a huge plate of Greek food just by looking at the picture she sent me. Thanks again Amber for taking some time to tell me more about your own vacation, it looked so amazing!

My Trip to Greece

Hi everyone! I’m Amber from Girl with the Red Hair. Melissa has asked me to write a guest post about my trip to Greece in May 2010 while she is off visiting Greece this summer!

I visited Greece (and more specifically Athens, and the islands of Hydra, Poros and Aegina) with my then-boyfriend now-fiance after I graduated University in the spring of 2010. Greece was just one stop on our multi-country, multi-city, whirlwind three-week backpacking trip around Europe.

We actually almost canceled our trip to Greece because of the riots that were going on at the time but we didn’t and I am so glad. I absolutely loved Athens and the Greek people and it was definitely in my top places that we visited while in Europe! Here were my favourite things about my trip to Greece:

The Food

The people were friendly, the country was beautiful but the food. O M G, the food was ah-ma-zing. I have never had such amazing food in my life. It’s ironic because I became a vegetarian shortly after our Europe trip but the chicken souvlaki, tzatiki and pita bread in Greece were out of this world. My mouth actually salivates thinking about it. We ate a lot of good food while we were in Europe but the Greek food is definitely close to the top of my list.

The People 

The people were so, so friendly. They especially loved that my fiance and I are Canadian. One man, upon finding out we’re Canadian, took us into his shop and showed us his Canadian flag and postcards from all his cousins in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He then pinched my fiances cheeks and told him he looked like a handsome greek boy. HA! That is still one of my favourite stories to tell people about our trip.

The Views 

There is nothing more magical than the Acropolis lit up at night, or watching the small greek islands come into view as you travel towards them on a boat. Seeing ruins that were hundreds and thousands of years old was truly breathtaking. My fiance and I are both very interested in ancient Greece and we were not disappointed on this trip. There was so much to see and do! The photo above was the view from our hotel balcony and some of my best memories of Greece are us sitting on our balcony, sipping on wine, and staring at the Acropolis in all it’s glory!

Our trip to Greece was truly amazing and I’m sad that it only lasted for three days. I definitely want to go back one day and spend a lot longer exploring the country and the islands around it! I just know Melissa is going to have a FABULOUS time!


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