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Music is one of my biggest loves in this life, and I am instantly drawn to any blogger who shares the same passion as me. It’s no surprise then that the minute I discovered Amy’s blog she became a regular read of mine. This girl not only inspired me because of her taste in music, but she is driven to be healthy and happy with her life- something she blogs about almost every day.

One of my favorite parts about her little space on the internet is the fact that Amy is always finding ways to post tips about the things she learns on a day to day basis. Whether it’s recipes, fitness routines or things about the blog world, I’m always leaving her blog with a new idea. One of my favorite posts of hers from the past is the one below that she wrote (and has now shared with me/you) as a friendly reminder to everyone on how to be a good concert go-er. This is such a hilarious post, because it’s SO TRUE. I hope you can leave here today with a little bit of new knowledge, like I always do on her blog!

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How Not To Suck At Concerts

I see a lot of concerts. I firmly believe that there are few things as awesome as seeing a live show, because listening to music is great and all, but there’s nothing like experiencing a band, live and in all its glory. There is just one thing that sometimes makes me wish I was just at home, listening on my iPhone as opposed to experiencing music and that is the people.

I don’t actually understand what happens to people when they go to shows. They enter the room or tent or arena as normal humans. Lovely people, I’m sure. People with jobs and lives and other people who love them because in general, they’re pretty nice. But when the lights go down or the band comes on, these people seem to forgo all sense of etiquette and lose their damn minds.

We’ve all seen them. Here are a few of my Most Hated People At Concerts:

Exhibit A: The drunks. Good lord, people LOVE alcohol at concerts. Uh, me too, guys. But there’s a difference between, “I’m having a great time with this buzz and it’s loosening me up enough to not shank someone when they step on me!” and “OhmygodIlovethissongandIwanttojustdanceeeeeee” drunk. I’m all about having a great time, and I agree, one should be able to cut loose at a show, but when you’re flipping off the band and screaming because you just had your heart broken and the band is deigning to play a love song, without regard for your bruised heart, it’s time for some water or coffee, STAT (why, yes, I have seen this at a show. True story!).

Exhibit B: People with no regard for personal space. I’m 5″1. This means that I always have to find the perfect space to peek between the heads of my fellow concert goers. I can usually find it. But it never, ever fails that just as I settle in, someone decides, “Hey! I can already see, but you know what? I just want to stand right in front of the short girl!” I don’t expect to see every minute of the show, but people who are forever moving around, shoving closer to the stage, stepping on people or standing right on top of others make me batty. I don’t like smelling and touching strangers. Leave a space bubble, guys. Look behind you before you plant yourself.  We all paid for tickets. Don’t be a jerk.

Exhibit C: People who literally cannot handle not having the spotlight, even for a three hour show. These people make me the Actual Craziest. When I saw Florence + The Machine this year, there was a girl there with a group of friends and a guy she was clearly into. All of her attention was given to this guy: trying to get him to take photos with her, kissing him on the cheek while saying, “I’m SOOOOOOOOOO DRUNKKKKKKKK!” and pouting when he wasn’t showering her with attention. It was like a switch would be flipped: he’d (god forbid) pay attention to the music and not her and she’d pout. But as soon as he looked over, she’d try to look like she was having the Actual Best Time with her friends, ignoring him. Her incessant talking and forced laughter and general irritating behavior was so distracting. I was delighted when she’d had enough and finally went to sulk far away from him.

Exhibit D: The Dancers, Singers and Ridiculous People. To be honest, I occasionally wish I was a little less self-conscious. You will absolutely never, ever see me dancing solo at a show, and if you do, you should pull me away and check that I’m not dying of some sort of overdose. I watch boisterous dancers with a mixture of admiration and total fear. That is, unless they’re getting in My Space. Then I just hate them. (I’m looking at you, couple who was waltzing to a Cake song in the middle of the Fillmore, all the while stepping on people because WE ARE AT A CROWDED STANDING ROOM ONLY CONCERT NOT IN A BALLROOM). I also loathe people who need to sing every lyric, mostly because they never know the words or the tune and honestly, if I paid $50 for a ticket, I want to hear the band, thanks.

Exhibit E: People who just suck, in general. These are the folks who stop in front of the exits. The people who spill their beer on you and shrug their shoulders instead of just saying a quick “I’m sorry.” The people who poach your cabs after the show. All three of these things happened to me at a show this week and yes, I am bitter.

Like life, being a Decent Human really matters at a concert. Share space. Don’t push. Keep your dancing to an area that’s appropriate and also at a level that doesn’t make others want to trip you. Trust me, it’s the right thing to do.

What drives you insane at concerts?


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  1. I remember the point in my concert going days where I realized that it was no longer worth the pushing and shoving to get closer to the front and I would have just as much fun standing at the edge of the crazy crowd. This is the point when I realized I was getting old. 🙂 Great tips!

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