Greece: Kefallonia [in Pictures]


On my second day in Greece, still kind of jet lagged and tired, my friends & I hopped a 3 hour bus ride/3 hour ferry ride/2 hour bus ride to the beautiful (and less known) island of Kefallonia.

I didn’t know very much about it until going there because it’s not an island that’s visited by tourists the way that Santorini is. It’s mostly Greek families that go there on vacation or other nearby European countries that fly in.

But you guys, it’s BEAUTIFUL. I stayed there for 8 nights & 9 days with Agnes’ family in a cute little apartment in the village of Monopolata. Saying goodbye to them and to our new friends was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do.

Okay so this where Kefalonia is located in Greece:

See on the upper left side? Right next to the Ionian sea? There it is! 

The island is VERY big. The roads wind around the corners of cliffs at every turn (which is like, every 5 seconds) and you better pack some Gravol because the bus drivers there don’t slow down. They know what they’re doing.

It’s so beautiful. I didn’t know a remote island could BE so beautiful. It’s like the Greek countryside basically. Everyone who lives there only goes in the summer, so no one has TV’s, internet, computers, telephones or anything like that. You’re just living there and eating and going to the beach.

Here are some pictures from my time there:

Agnes & I on the bus headed to Kefallonia

The view off the ferry: endless ocean

First day in the room we’d be living in for a week! This place came to feel like home.

The walk up to our little apartment which was identical to this one, except on the left side!

Just chilling on a beach chair while my friends attempt to swim in the wavy ocean in front of me

Standing on the dock in the main village, Lixouri. (also the only one with internet!)

Standing in front of Myrtos Beach, the most famous beach in Kefallonia

Sitting in a tiny wooden boat for a tour of the Melissani Caves

A look inside the Melissani Caves that open up above you

Standing inside the Drogorati Caves after going down just over 200 winding stairs to get there

One of the most famous monasteries on the island, St. Gerassimo’s. It was beautiful inside & out.

The Lighthouse!

Photoshoot on the rocks by the lighthouse

Skala Beach, another really famous one on the island & one of my personal faves from my whole trip. It was not only gorgeous, but the sand was made up of soft stones & we all brought home a bagful of beautiful ones. Love!

Our last beach day- the only day in 3 weeks that had ANY kind of cloud in the sky, and it was still scorching hot out!

So that was basically my 9 days in pictures! We spent a lot of time at the beach (obviously) but we also did a lot of visiting the island. I’ll definitely save my stories for another post though. For now, I’ll leave you with these pictures while I go get ready for breakfast with a friend!

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  1. Ah! The water is so blue and beautiful. That’s the one thing I miss the most about my cruise – how beautiful the water was. And how vast!

    These pictures are amazing!

    • Water doesn’t exist in that color ANYWHERE near my house. It was even more blue and beautiful than any other vacation I’ve been on. There’s something kinda awesome about seeing it on a boat too though I gotta admit 🙂

  2. Wow what an amazing island – and what a cute apartment you guys stayed in. Seriously – that’s like out of a travel magazine. I definitely want to visit this island on my next trip there!

    • You really should! It’s a bit more expensive though unless you plan on renting a car, because everything is far. It’s not nearly as small as Santorini. But it’s definitely one of the most beautiful lesser known islands.

    • You know, everyone said that I’d be DYING of heat, but I really wasn’t. Montreal is hotter and more humid. It was LOVELY. Athens went through an unbearable heat wave, but the islands were breezy and not humid at all, I could go hours in the sun without dipping in the ocean (but I did anyway because hellooo it’s the ocean!). I often had to wear a sweater at night because it cooled off so much once the sun set, even.

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