Greece: Mykonos [In Pictures]


Our second island that we visited was Mykonos. It’s one of the more popular Greek islands to visit, situated in the Aegean sea. It’s basically known for it’s parties and for being the main island for gay men. This isn’t even a stereotype, it’s true. They’re everywhere and we loved it.

We spent 3 nights there which was just enough for such a small island, but I think we could have stayed an extra day because we just loved it so much. We stayed in the Rhenia Bungalows & Apartments, and it was probably the nicest place we could have booked without knowing any information about it. The people who run the hotel are SO nice and they were so accommodating to us. Every  morning the girl at the front desk (there were two of them) would recommend a beach for us to visit and a place to go see at night. Our rooms were a little bit small, but very clean and air-conditioned. We were also only two per room, but luckily we were neighbors so it was just a walk over. We had free WIFI which was AMAZING because we hadn’t had much internet in 10 days. It was the perfect distance from the main city and from the beaches. we had the most gorgeous view of everything from our front door.

If I ever go back to Mykonos, I can guarantee I’m staying in the same place. I wouldn’t even bother trying a new hotel. I can tell you right now that where you stay has a huge impact on your trip, and the people who work there too. Everywhere we went, we were really well taken care of by complete strangers and that made us love the places so much more.

Okay enough reminiscing for now, I’m getting all nostalgic and wishing I could be there again. For now, let’s just share some pictures.

The view from the back of our ferry to Mykonos!

The view of Mykonos from my front door. To the right you can see my ferry still docked (we were literally a 5 minute drive) and to the left you can see all the traditional Greek architecture. The main city is covered by the palm tree but it was just around the corner!

We arrived in Mykonos just after lunch time and by 1:30pm we were at this beach. So cute, but SO WINDY!

On our first night we went to a Mexican restaurant-bar for drinks… Best & strongest margarita I have EVER had!

Our second day was our second beach day and it looked something like this from a distance

Walking to the city, a different view of the port and closer to where our hotel is (it’s more to the right)

Walking by the beach in the main town where all the restaurants are. Super cute and open and fun… BUT SO WINDY. I’ve never been to such a windy place in my life.

Squid drying in the sunlight…

Kind of blurry (it’s hard to take night shots) but the whole city just lights up when the sun goes down.

Sitting on our balcony, getting ready for an evening of shopping & food!!

Most of the streets inside the main walls (and away from the worst of the wind) were actually this narrow, and entirely filled with shops- most jewelry stores. Very narrow considering the amount of people that were walking around at night.

Walking through town on our last night. I was a little tanned. Also we were going out which is why I’m a bit fancier. It was an AWESOME night but people in Mykonos are more about the after hours club, we just wanted to have some drinks at a bar. We didn’t witness the *crazy* Mykonos lifestyle as much as we’d heard about it!

Excuse my SUPER dirty feet, I took the picture after being in the ocean all day so I’m all salty (pre-shower) but on the same night as the previous photo I crossed off a # on my 101 list and got a henna tattoo! It’s little, but it still counts. And it’s still there now, though slowly fading away. I actually kinda like it a lot… I love how it looks real and peaks out of all my summer shoes!

We sat down at a restaurant with an ocean view and a view of the famous Mykonos windmills to watch the last sunset

They KNOW how to make drinks, am I right?

The bright and beautiful and colorful sunset of Mykonos. Unbelievable.

Mykonos was definitely much more fun than I had originally imagined it would be. I had the best time finally being able to get dressed up every night with my friends and seeing the city life. Also, it was a lot of fun to be around other tourists. People told me before that there would be TOO MANY tourists, but I really disagree. We met so many more people this way and we really stood out as Canadians. We all loved it.

That’s all I’ve got for you now, Mykonos stories will follow at some point…

Happy Friday! 

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  1. Everything I’ve heard about this island is party related so I was happy to read about what it’s like during the day time.

    Those drinks look like they have an entire fruit salad sitting on top of them. They look fab!

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