Greece: The food.


The food in Greece deserves it’s very own post, because that’s how good it is. Seriously, I might go back just so I can be so lucky to eat that well.

Their fast food joints are much more sparse than the ones we have here in Canada, and the ones they DO have are often places that sell gyros and homemade Greek salad on the menu. Delicious.

I’d also like to point this out (as a girl, because we care about these things) I did not pay attention to what I ate throughout my 3 weeks in terms of eating “well” or “dieting” because I was like hey, I’m in Greece, I’m going to eat WHATEVER I want and when I want it! I had ice-cream regularly (because it’s delicious there) and I treated myself to yummy breakfasts and dinners and whatever I wanted.

The result? Coming home, I’m at my lowest weight that I can remember in recent years. Like, even when I had food poisoning in Mexico and ate one meal a day there because I never had an appetite for a straight week? I’m still skinnier than that.

I can’t figure out what it is. I think it’s a combination of the fact that their food is much fresher than it is here and maybe because I was drinking a lot less coffee? I’m really not sure. Either way, Greece is good for your diet girls, so just another reason you need to go there for a solid 3 weeks.

Without further ado, some of the food I ate while I was there…

Kefallonia: 2.50 euros for a freshly made, all-dressed gyros made with freshly baked pitas right off the grill

Pretty traditional breakfast/afternoon snack: frappe (coffee) and homemade cake

Mykonos: A huge slice of chicken breast, baked potato & some kinda delicious homemade coleslaw from an Irish Pub on the beach. Yum.

Chill con carne nachos from a Mexican bar… We devoured two plates. Yeah we did.

Dinner in Mykonos at a nice resto: grilled vegetables (a mount of them) and lamb. Yumm. Also, don’t mind how disheveled I am, I swear to God I wanted to punch Mykonos sometimes it was SO FREAKING WINDY. Like how is it even possible to be this windy all day every single day? It’s not. Luckily it was beautiful so it made up for the fact that I didn’t have a hairstyle for nearly 4 days. I digress.

First breakfast in Santorini. Freshly made waffle topped with grilled apples (I saw her grill them. legit.), cinnamon & greek honey ALL AROUND AND ALL OVER. And a scoop of ice cream and an animal cracker which is quite clear. Let me emphasize this is not a Greek breakfast tradition of any sort, but it may be the most delicious one I’ve ever had.

Our wine tasting plate on our first evening, complete with 12 wines, cheese, olives, bread. Mmmm.

Dessert anyone? Cappuccino and a little something called Dream Cake. Yeah it was.

One of my personal favorite dinners I had, a traditional Greek plate called Gemista. It’s basically a pepper and a tomato filled with rice that’s cooked in a tomato-ish sauce, plus some grilled potatoes and probably a lot of oregano. It’s incredibly filling and healthy and I wish I could have this more often.

Everywhere you go, Greek salad is amazing. I miss it.

Other things I ate that for some reason I didn’t picture:

– On my first night in Santorini we visited this restaurant called Naoussa, which is one of the most well known Greek restaurants on the entire island. We were all EXTREMELY satisfied with our meals (except one of my friends, but that’s because she didn’t realize what she was ordering). I had chicken and those classic oven grilled potatoes with oregano, all cooked in a lemon sauce. Why didn’t I take a picture? I really wish I had.

– So. Much. Baklava.

– Also some more yummy desserts which included galaktaboureko (kind of like baklava but with a creamy custard filling) and loukoumades (fried balls of dough, covered in honey). WHY IS GREEK DESSERT SO DELICIOUS?

– Ice cream is like the national meal, I swear. It’s just everywhere and it’s so good so we just had to eat some regularly. Why is it tastier there than home, I haven’t figured it out yet.

– Agnes’ aunt regularly made for us homemade spanakopita. I’ve actually never eaten anything that I’ve loved more. Well maybe I have but thinking about it makes me want it right this second.

That’s all I can think of right now. But basically, I ate like a queen. I knew that I was going to a country that is well known for it’s food, but it’s only as the days wore on that I realized just how lucky we were. All the vegetables seemed to be freshly picked that morning, and all the desserts tasted like someone’s yaya was slaving away at the oven all day. I’m fairly convinced that although I eat very well back home, nothing will have the distinct flavors I had while I was there. On that note, if you didn’t read it when it went up, check out Amber’s guest post on my blog that talks about the EXACT same thing!

Great, now I want some of everything I just wrote about. Ah well! On a related note, what’s the best meal you ever remember eating? Where were you? 


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  1. The food looks amazing – especially the salads. When I was travelling I lost weight too, despite I mostly ate break and cheese for a month – I put it down to all the walking and less alcohol, but I really can’t explain it! No wonder some Europeans are so slim!

  2. I love Greek salads. All this food looks amazing, especially the breakfast you had in Santorini. Usually when I’m traveling, I lose weight too, although I feel like I should be gaining since I’m eating so much. I think it has to do with all the walking!

  3. That waffle looks incredible! I had a great lamb/pasta dish in the plaka on my last night in Athens that I was really impressed with. Man, now I need a gyro ASAP.

  4. I never worry about what I eat on vacation because I’m usually so active, I lose weight too. I’m sure that’s what it was-you were probably much more active than you are in your day to day life.

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