September: Goals & Plans


I’m a little bit late on this post, but I was busy being jetlagged and nostalgic for my trip to Greece. I do have to get back into my goals though, so here’s what I’d like to do for the last 3 weeks of September.

1. Get back into a fitness routine

– I really had a good thing going before I left for Greece, but being away for so long meant that I didn’t really do MUCH. I’m still eating relatively well, but I’d like to potentially join a gym again or get back into some kind of routine to stay fit.

2. Number 31 on my 101 list: spend a whole semester in school without procrastinating homework.

-This is going to be TOUGH for me because I am the Queen of procrastination. But I’d like September to be the month where I start!

3. Read 4 books throughout the month

– Not sure how I’m going to do with this one because for some reason I’ve been having trouble getting through books recently, but I’ll at least try!

4. Complete a random goal on one of my lists and blog about it

– Because I just feel like it

5. Start saving money again

– It’s time to save up for next year’s big trip, whatever it may be! I just really don’t want to be home for the whole summer… Not after spending August in Greece this year.

I think five goals is good enough for now. I’m not too sure what to expect out of September yet, but so far it’s been ALL KINDS of hectic. I barely have time to sit down for a few hours and catch up. Yesterday I couldn’t even blog because I wasn’t home from 8am until 2am (this morning)… Oh the University life!

I only have a few more plans for this month which include a big birthday bash this coming weekend up North. One of my best friends is turning 22 and she’s celebrating big, so a bunch of us are spending a couple days away to party and eat a lot of yummy food. Should be lots of fun!

This month I also have a lot of work to catch up on for CONFRONT magazine, all of my interviews from July are going to be up in coming weeks so expect lots of news about that. I’m also potentially planning a small trip for next month, but more on that later!

How’s your week been?


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  1. Good for you! I need to come up with some more goals. Saving money needs to be at the top of that list, since Rob graduates soon and we’re going to need a house!

  2. All are very good goals to have. since i came home from my holiday last week i’ve felt quite busy and want to start planning my next item to cross off my list. although i’ve started placing some of junk on ebay to work towards earning £1001 online.

    • Thank you! You’re so right though, the little energy I have I rarely want to spend on reading. That’s why I’m glad to have my bus rides to and from school… I definitely get some much needed book time in there!

  3. I like your goals! They seem attainable for the month you have ahead of you! I’m discovering it’s a LOT harder to read when you work 40 hours a week! Now I’m crossing my fingers I make my 60 Books in 2011 goal!

    • Oh I can only imagine! I’m exhausted with my 5 days and I don’t know if it adds up quite to 40 hours… but school and work is exhausting. I’ve got that 60 books thing looming over me too and I’m pretty far behind according to Goodreads. Darn.

  4. Good luck with your September goals and with everything now that you are back at school. What a big time commitment, but I know you’ll rock! My week has been very unproductive and yet busy. Just need to refocus this weekend!

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