Dear 18 Year-Old Melissa…


Dear 18 year-old Melissa,

Hey there it’s me, 22 year old you. How are you doing today? I won’t lie, I don’t remember in the least what you were up to at this time 4 years ago, but I hope that whatever it is you are happy in this moment. That’s all we ever really wanted, right?

The truth is, you’ve got an interesting four years ahead of you. I don’t want to spoil the surprises (and I don’t want to make you scared of what’s to come) but you’ve got some good and a lot of bad coming your way. You’re a tough cookie though & I know you’ll make it through just fine. Maybe I’m a stronger person for the things you do from here on out, maybe together we made some crappy decisions, but either way I can’t say I’d change a whole lot of those choices.

I do want to give you some tips though because I know that you’re a bit of a lost puppy these days. 18 was by no means a tough time for you, but you’re going to make some bad money choices and I’m still paying for them. School wasn’t in your priorities but going out and spending your money left, right and center was.

I know that school isn’t something you’re thinking a whole lot about right now. Or rather, it is, but you can’t be bothered to go through with it. That’s okay, because the things you go through in the next year or two will help you decide what you want to be when you’re older. I guess I partly wished we could have figured it out a whole lot sooner, but you’ll get there. I’m still getting there, to a certain degree.

You also need to save your money while you’re spending it. You need to set up that savings account that you keep putting off. It’s so simple! You’ll be so thankful you did it.

You’re going to learn a few important lessons on life and love too in the next few years and I can’t imagine ruining those for you, but I want you to do something for me. Spend a little more time making phone calls to friends and family. Don’t let relationships go sour and don’t put friendships on hold because you think you have better things to do with your life. These people aren’t going to be around forever and I really want you to remember that every day you wake up and put off telling your family just how much you love them.

Maybe that’s something I’m reminding myself too, as I write this. But it really is so important.

And Melissa? Don’t dwell on things. Life is too short and you’ve got so many great things headed your way. You’re going to change SO much in the next four years, I know that sounds crazy but it’s true. Don’t take things too seriously, have a good time, but also remember to pay attention when it matters. Take chances on yourself, believe in the person you are right now. Don’t be scared of the things you want to do. Tell mom today how much you love her. And both of you take a day this week to go see grandma. She needs it.

One more thing. Have one of those hot chocolates from Abbott for me. They’re so good, am I right?

Lots of love,

22-year-old Melissa ❤


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  1. Love this. It’s funny how many stupid mistakes we make when we’re young that will impact us in the future. And yet, we need those mistakes to become who we are today.

  2. That’s a cool letter. I’ve thought about writing to my future self but.never back to my youngerself. maybe a letter to my kids for when they turn 18. lots of possibilities with this idea. sounds like you’ve learned a lot in 4 years.

    • Letters to your kids is a GREAT idea Paul! I’ve thought about doing that in the future when I have kids… I feel like those are such special things to look back on. I was always fascinated by the fact that my mom had an ENTIRELY different life before I was born, and my brother knew her a whole 13 years before me. Letters from the past would have been so cool to look back on.

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