Notes from the Journal II


Last week I shared my first week & a half from Greece in short journal excerpts, and I thought I’d finish up talking about my trip in the same way. It was a lot of fun for me to look back on my writing & I’ll admit that it had me a little teary eyed and missing the ocean. There was something kind of special and homey about that country that I’ll never forget.

Greece: Day 11 [August 18th 2011 Around 7:45pm Greece time]

“Mykonos is literally more beautiful than movies and postcards and pictures. I’ve only been here for 4 hours but I’m already in love with this place, and I know the other girls are too. The view from my room at the hotel is possibly more picturesque than Kefalonia. This is exactly how I pictured Greece” 

After leaving Kefalonia, we spent one evening in Athens & the next morning woke up at 4AM (ugh, I know) to catch our ferry to Mykonos. It was a 5 hour ride but so, so worth it. After getting to our BEAUTIFUL hotel, we walked to the nearest beach, had lunch by the ocean & then we headed back to the room to relax for a few hours before going back out. Our hotel was at the very top of a hotel overlooking the main port & the city, and we all wanted a few hours to just soak it all in. This is how I ended that same entry:

“The sun is setting and the lights are going on below us in the city and I really can’t handle how gorgeous it is.” 

View of the far away city from my hotel room balcony

Greece: Day 12 [August 19th Around 12:30AM… Technically the 20th]

My post on this day is actually like 3-4 pages long because I hadn’t written in almost two days, but there is one main thing that stands out worth sharing for the ladies…

“The men here are VERY gorgeous, pretty sure I stared at a few dozen of them today alone.” 

Seriously, Mykonos was beautiful, and not only the scenery. It’s ridiculous how beautiful Europeans are. But as for the rest of the post, I wrote about how the two places we went out to eat we got free shots (we got free shots EVERYWHERE in Mykonos, it’s their thing apparently! Or we’re just very likable.) and how we had a really great time at the beach. I think this was the day I spent the most money- food in Mykonos is ridiculously expensive and I mention the fact that we had to pay 8 EUROS for a basket of bread, without even being asked if we wanted it. Crazy.

“So far though I love the vibe of Mykonos and I like how there are a lot of young friendly people.” 

The one downside to Mykonos? THE WIND. Look at us, we’re flying away! But beautiful sunset behind us, am I right?!

Greece: Day 13 [August 20th… Written the following day]

This was my favorite day in Mykonos. Here’s a little bit of how it went:

“The woman at our hotel told us we had to see a sunset in Little Venice, so we picked a restaurant by the water. We had the perfect view of the classic 5 windmills where we were sitting, and we ordered some super yummy daiquiris. Our waiter was a really nice Romanian guy who promised us good drinks, and then he gave us a free shot of I don’t know what, but it was good!” 

That was just the beginning of a really awesome evening (well, for me anyway). The whole day was actually a lot of fun, we spent yet another day by the beach & watched the most beautiful sunset over the ocean with drinks that had about 8 bazillion pieces of fruit on them. Afterwards we shopped through the winding streets of Little Venice and much later on we ended our night at a bar called “Down Under” which was awesome. We definitely weren’t big party go-ers on this trip because we preferred making the best of our days, but we at least gave it a shot and had a ton of fun. Apparently my motto of the night was ‘go big or go home!’ so you can imagine that I had quite a bit of fun.

Sunset in Little Venice… Beautiful and SO bright!

At “Down Under” bar… I miss being this tanned already!

Greece: Day 14 [August 21st… Written the following day]

I’m rather proud of myself for being very honest in my writing. I wanted to love every bit of my trip but there were parts I didn’t like, namely my first evening in Santorini. I mean, I loved my evening. But this is what I wrote about where we were staying:

“Santorini isn’t what I expected, especially not here in Fira. The city is so busy & full of tourists, and kind of dirty. It has some beautiful views though which is what I’m excited to see more of.” 

Luckily my night looked something like this:

“We had a 10pm dinner, after an hour in line, at Naoussa. It’s ranked as one of the best food places in all of Santorini and it’s easy to see why. We were served wine in line and the food was some of the best I’ve had on my whole trip.”

Luckily we stayed in Santorini long enough that my entire view on the city changed. There are still things about the place that I didn’t like, but I came to fall in love with that island like I did with each other place we were at.

The streets of Fira… Always busy and FULL of shops every which way you look.

Don’t you wish  you were sitting there right now? I do.

Greece: Day 15 [August 22nd Around 11:30PM Greece time]

All I can say is Thank God for this day. I miss this day, but most of all I miss this night. Here are two of my favorite parts:

“We got dressed & headed into Fira for breakfast and decide how to spend our first day. We ate at this amazing breakfast place called Corner that specializes in waffles & crepes. I ate an apple-cinnamon-honey waffle with the best coffee I’ve had since leaving home” 

Because really, food is part of the experience. We went back to this place again and were not disappointed. If you’re ever in Santorini you NEED to go here.

And my night? Looked something like this:

“We sat outside looking out to the ocean & the surrounding islands. We ordered a plate of cheese with 12 kinds of wine to taste, and we just relaxed & tried wine. As the sun set we all took about 800 pictures and ordered some yummy dessert for dinner. I really think it was the nicest way to spend our first day/evening. I’m finally settling into this new island- it’s just so much busier than I imagined. I’m starting to really see the beauty in this place and I’m excited for the things we have planned.” 

We spent hours at this place, the Santos Winery, which I think must have one of the most beautiful views of the sunset over the caldera. When I think back on this EXACT moment I’m so overwhelmed because it was one of the most breath-taking things I’ve ever seen. You’ve never seen a sunset until you’ve seen one here.

Our first sunset in Santorini

At the very edge of the island, overlooking some of the most beautiful parts of the world

That’s where I’m going to leave it for now! At this point, we had just 6 days left before coming home at this point and so many more things happened while we were in Santorini. I can’t wait to share those last few entries, but I’m sad that I’m closing the chapter of Greece in my life for now.

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  1. OK, so that picture of you guys at the down under bar was so familiar so I went through my photos and yep, I totally stopped there as well. The blue mosaic wall was the give away. I remember that the bar had a bunch of travel location drinks (like Blue Hawaiian and California etc). And yes, we totally bought the drink that was based on where we were from. 🙂

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