Today was an okay day.

I woke up rather early, 6:30am to be exact.

I had a really hot shower and I rushed out of the door for 7:45am to get myself to school.

It rained all morning, but luckily the sun showed up as my classes ended.

The hours flew by, I hardly saw them as they came and went.


I was more focused than yesterday.

I spent more time listening to what was being said to me than I did last week.

I had two coffees, and I debated a third one.

I decided that I would be productive, and I kind of was.

I spent a lot of time using public transportation and it was hot, sticky & filled with way too many people.

I made it home safe & sound.

I went shopping to fill my fridge with fruits.

I watched three shows with my mom after dinner and that made everything in my head calm down a little bit.

I enjoyed my very first episode of Two & a Half Men and it’s 100% due to the fact that Ashton Kutcher is awesome.

I started off a little stressed this morning, but I’m much better now.

Today was an okay day.

I think tomorrow will be better, and maybe the day after that even better than the last.

Only time will tell, but for now… Today was an okay day.


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