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Blogging is a bit of a funny thing, when you really take a minute to think about it. I mean, you sit at your computer and put words together, string sentences and cohesive thoughts into a post that you throw out into the Universe and hope to get a response in return. It’s a very strange thing indeed.

And yet there are thousands of people doing it every single day. I’ve officially been a blogger for about four years now. FOUR YEARS in front of this computer, talking about myself on this little internet space. That is a crazy thing to me. Somehow I’m not anywhere near being tired of it. On the contrary, I’m more immersed in the blogosphere than I have ever been before. I love it more every day, I am addicted. I spend hours getting to know other bloggers and pulling inspiration from them to read, write, watch and live.

Blogging is a truly inspiring hobby. But it’s so much more than that too, isn’t it? It requires a certain kind of person to write a blog worth reading. I don’t know if I’m one of them, but I’m definitely learning what it takes. I’m learning that you need a few qualities to do it properly, and I’m realizing that these qualities are the ones I need to work on the most.

When I started blogging, I had no rhyme or reason to my posts. I wrote little things about my days, I think I just needed an outlet. I was writing for myself mostly, on life and love and growing up and just overall really crap things. I mean, not crap things… My writing was just not that great. At all.

In the last few years though, I’ve come to an important conclusion. I love to write. I always have, and probably always will. When I look back there isn’t a single time that I wasn’t writing SOMETHING. As I got more serious about my writing though, I noticed something pretty important.

I became less honest.Β 

I became more nervous to share things because I was afraid of who would read them.

I spent two months almost not writing AT ALL for the first time in my life at this time last year because of a lot of reasons.

But the point is that I’ve been trying to change that. Last January I started a writing challenge called Post a Day. It’s pretty self explanatory. This whole year I’ve been trying to post every single day in the hopes of getting more of my writing out in the world, and I think overall that’s been a success. Certainly not in the ways I had imagined, but a success in it’s own way nonetheless.

I don’t think that I could complete the challenge without admitting that sometimes I write posts with high expectations. And sometimes I write posts that are not as honest as I’d like them to be.Β It can be so discouraging to continuously write and put yourself out there without a return. I’m definitely guilty of getting frustrated that I’m not getting something in this world.

That’s the difference between the person I am right now and the person I’d like to be come January 2012. I want to finish this challenge and feel like my writing style, my blog, and my expectations are where I want them to be. So I’m throwing this out there right now.

I want to write completely honest posts. I want my writing to be serious, witty, funny, casual and personal. I want the posts that I write to truly reflect the emotions that I want them to reflect. I don’t want to write something just to write it. Everything I post needs to be up to my personal standards- no one else’s.

Most important, I want to write for myself. I mean, I want to continue writing for you, if you’re reading this… But what I need to remind myself is that this is a project that I WANT to be doing, not something I have to do for someone else. I want people who stop by this place to read the first thing they see and instantly get an idea of the person that I am.

Blogging isn’t for everyone, but I know that right now it’s just right for me. I want to keep finding ways to grow and I want to continue to meet other people who feel this way. I want to stop feeling shy about writing here, I just want to do it.

Tell me, why do you blog? What got you into blogging in the first place? Is your little space on the internet everything you want it to be for yourself?


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  1. This is such a great post and has got me thinking about my own blog. I started blogging as an online diary. And then that morphed into a place where I could practice writing. And the more I wrote, the more I wanted to write.

    I don’t know if my blog is exactly what I want it to be. Sometimes I’m not happy with it and other time I am happy with it. But I have found that the more honest I am to myself, the more happy I am with my blog.

    Good luck! I can’t wait to see how this will change.

    • I feel the exact same way- sometimes I love my space & sometimes I’m just like “what the hell am I even doing here?”… I want to scratch out that last one. Then again, the point of improving as a writer is to always strive for better, so maybe that’s not such a bad thing. I guess right NOW I’m realizing what I want to change about my current style so I’ll just work on that. πŸ™‚

  2. I have this problem with blogging, as well. I’m probably going to write a post about the topic very soon. Sometimes, I feel like I try to hard to write posts that will receive better responses and keep away from “off-limit” topics.

    Blogging is something I haven’t lost my fire for, so I won’t be leaving anytime soon. πŸ™‚

    • Good, I don’t want you going anywhere! I feel like you’re a very honest blogger though Steph, when I compare our styles you’re so much closer to the honest writer I’d love to be one day. Hopefully I’ll get there.

  3. This is a great post! I think that writing for yourself first is so important in blogging. This is something that I really just do because I enjoy it, but there was a time at a previous blog where I was trying really hard to pump out content that I thought my readers wanted. Sure I was seeing success, but that blog became more of a chore and less of an enjoyable hobby, and that just didn’t seem right to me.

    • I used to blog on Blogger & felt the same way… When I moved to WordPress I transferred all my old posts over as well because I didn’t want to lose all of it, but I feel like since coming to WP I’ve changed as a writer. I guess I’m just ready to change a little bit again, but like you said I should always blog for me first and maybe recently that hasn’t been the case.

  4. Yes. Yes and yes. I didn’t think I was the only feeling a blogging addiction. Over the last 3 weeks I kind of lost my way with my blog and forgot about why I did it. I’ve spent this week figuring out, with a little help from my friends (yourself included). I look forward as always to following your journey as a blogger and a person.

    • It’s funny how blogging can become an addiction isn’t it? I guess anything can, really, but it’s just so weird when you really think about it.

      Don’t stress too much about your blog though Paul, you’ve been doing such a great job since jumping on a few months ago. As long as you remember why you’re doing it, you’ll be quite successful I think:)

  5. You summed it all up for me in your statement: “I became more nervous to share things because I was afraid of who would read them”.
    Love it! Just beginning this blogging adventure has given me “cold feet!”
    I can’t even type my real name much less post a me photo yet!
    Look forward to reading what you “throw out to the Universe.”

    • Hiya! Well first of all thanks for subscribing. Second of all, these things will come to you- giving your name and posting photos and what not- don’t do it unless you’re comfortable. There are a TON of anonymous bloggers out there but I think you’ll see that as you start to make more friends around here you’ll want to share more about yourself. It’ll come naturally. It’s a process for every single one of us. Thanks for stopping by!! πŸ™‚

      • A thank you to YOU for the inspiration and the encouraging words! I feel the brave coming in….

  6. I enjoyed your post and I could relate to a lot of what you said. Sometimes I get discouraged and wonder why I am doing this, and then I remember it is because I want to. Like you, I am a bit nervous about naked honesty – one never knows when a blog might come back and bite me!


    • I know exactly how you feel about not being sure what will come back when you blog about it. I had that problem before. I’m still learning the difference between honesty and just too much information… I think honesty is important and it’s the sign of a great blogger. I’m still learning!

      Thanks for the comment πŸ™‚

  7. I think we all go through these periods of self-exploration in the context of blogging. Sometimes I worry about things like posting too close together, or posting at times when people won’t read…but then I realize eh, I enjoy writing that often so why not do it? πŸ™‚ I like following your journey through this, and I love your blog πŸ™‚

    • Well first of all, thank you! It’s always nice to hear πŸ™‚ Second of all, that is a really great way to put it so thanks for sharing. It’s my space and I’ll do what I want with it! But sometimes I do wonder ‘is this relevant? Will people care?’ and that IS important but I come first and I need to remember that always.

  8. I started blogging to help with writing and spelling. But now i just love it, it is nice to do something just for yourself and i never know what i am going to get out of a post but that dosen’t matter because its yours.
    Really enjoyed this post. And your writing shown me you seem like a down to earth, nice person, so i will surely come back to read more.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, and that’s really sweet of you to say! Blogging really is nice to just DO. I turn to my blog to write just about everything and right now I don’t know what I’d do without it. It’s nice to hear that you ended up loving it so much more than you thought.

  9. I really love this post. I started my blog with a very straight forward concept, but it was too restricted for me to actually just write posts on things I loved or was doing. So it evolved, kind of like me. I’m hoping to reconnect with it during the fall, cause life seems to be impeding on my blogging a little (the whole chicken or the egg – I live my life and it gives me stuff to blog about, but it takes away the time I have to blog).

  10. I’m just going to throw this out there, and you can make of it what you will, but I don’t think you’re the only person who’s not being entirely honest. Everyone on Facebook has a wonderful life. Their relationship is perfect. Their kids are cute. Their life is just wonderful!!! I mean, just LOOK! at our photos! And I’ve also noticed that Bucket List bloggers rarely, if ever, discuss their failures, fears, insecurities, and whatnot. I’ve tried to maintain that aspect of my life on my blog because I think it’s important for people who are struggling to know that it’s entirely normal. At times, I wonder how in the world some people can possibly be so awesome. And I wonder what I’m doing wrong. But you know, when you are with yourself 24/7, you realize that there are plenty of moments in life where things are just…meh. Comparing yourself to the once a week (or so) blogs from people who only ever brag about how amazing they are is poor strategy. I’d love to see a return to a more honest blogosphere (and Facebook) where people get zits, they hate their jerk boss, their kids are brats, etc. So, if it makes you feel any better, I look forward to your return to honesty. πŸ™‚

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  12. I have had a blog post in my ‘Draft’ section for months that talks about this exact thing. I’ve been blogging for a little over a year on Blogger, and a few years before that on MySpace. I’ve always told myself, and others, that I write for me. I still find that true, but I think everyone who writes on the internet feels a slight bit of self-conciousness when they post.

    I still do it, too. Even though the Wifey has given me permission to write about pretty much any topic, there are a couple I feel I just can’t put on the internet.

    I love when people read my blog, and I would love to become one of the biggest bloggers ever, but since I don’t have a ‘niche’, it’s hard. I do write for me, but I also love when people give me comments, suggestions, criticisms, etc.

    I say ‘go for it’. Write about what you feel. You may come across one or two people every now and then who bash you, but it’s your words, so write whatever you want. It may be for the better in the long run.

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