Sunday Inspiration + Links to Love


Weekends are a tough time to blog because they are notoriously a blog’s “down time” if you will. I never quite know what to put up on Saturdays or Sundays, but I’ve been meaning to do two things that could help me out a little here.

1) Start a weekly feature of some sort that I can do on a weekend day, that way I am always guaranteed something good on one of the days.

2) There is so much amazingly inspiring photos, quotes, articles and BLOG POSTS written every single week. I love when bloggers take the time to share some of their favorite links, and although I’ve done this once or twice I want to do it regularly to really show some of the talent that’s out there.

So I bring you my new Sunday posts! A mixture of the things that inspired me this week & the links that I loved most. Grab a cup of coffee, relax, and enjoy a few of the great things that I did in the last week. 🙂

– First off, have you been meaning to join a book club? Are you obsessed with Twitter? (Is this sounding like a TV ad? hehe) well a bunch of bloggers have gotten together & thanks to Stephany, we’re going to be kicking off our very own TwitterBookClub (read: #Twookclub) in November. You can request to join the Goodreads group HERE & seriously, just come read and meet new friends!

– If you’ve ever wanted to try shampoo or face wash without all the chemicals, check out what Ashley’s been using for the last year. Such a great alternative!

– I love Liz’s blog as a general rule, but she recently featured a guest post on How To Be Sexy… And it’s honestly just so lovely. Ladies, go read. Now.

– One of my favorite series of posts on Amy’s blog are her ‘Things That changed Her Life’ ones and this new one is no different. It’s short, but so so sweet.

– I recently started following Naomi’s blog & her recent post on things to love about books is just SO cute!

-I still dream of my time in Greece every once in a while, and this recent post had me wanting to go back and visit these beautiful Hovering Temples.

So gorgeous, right?!

– Take a look at these 5 most iconic images of photography. They are startling, but truly something to see.

– I love Kristin’s blog about her adventures working in India, because that is my current dream. She recently posted this which totally inspired me- it’s about how she made food for street children and how she was able to deliver it all to them and make them less hungry for at least one day.

And finally, here are a few images that have been inspiring me this week. Credits go to Tumblr, the awesomest place to find inspiring photos I have yet to find!

I just love this girls’ fashion style. So pretty!

Happy Sunday! 


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  1. So many links to love here! As a reformed pouty-mouth-poser myself, I loved Liz’s post, and “find the time” is something I’ve been trying to be better at doing recently! I am so jealous that you got to visit the temples at Meteora. In our recent holiday we had originally planned to get as far as Greece, and the two places on my bucket list were Delphi and Meteora. One day, I will make it there. One day.

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