On… Being a “Star Wars Kid”


Before I give you any context on this post, I want you to do something for me. Watch the video below. It doesn’t have to be the whole thing, just the first 30 seconds will do:

Now tell me, did you laugh? Smile? Wonder what on earth this kid is doing? He’s actually a Canadian boy who, a while back (you may remember) became a YouTube hit for clumsily acting out some Star Wars moves in front of a camera. He was dubbed the “Star Wars Kid”.

If you don’t know the details about his story, they basically go something like this. His classmates took this video and put it up online to ridicule him. This little boy was tormented at school- tormented and harassed because of this clip. He became famous online, but only because people laughed.

I had NO idea about any of this until today. I’ve seen the video many times and I’ll be 100% honest, I laughed years ago when I first saw it. Not meanly, I just thought it was a funny clip online. I had NO idea that this poor boy was a victim of bullying.

For one of my English courses this semester, we’re required to write a research essay on one of the topics given by our teacher. The first one that caught my eye when I got the assignment last week was bullying. There are a lot of reasons that I chose this topic:

1. I think it’s important to spread awareness on bullying (my topic in particular is going to cover cyberbullying, the kind that the boy above went through)

2. I’ve been a Psychology student for as long as I can remember (I graduated from Psych in college) and I think bullying is the perfect topic to answer the question ‘why?’. Why do kids feel like they have the power to do that to someone? Why do they WANT to?

3. When I was 12 years old, I was a “Star Wars Kid”- I was bullied for almost an entire year. It wasn’t nearly as bad as what some other kids have to go through, but I was definitely bullied and it got bad enough that parents had to get involved. I had no escape from it during that time- my bullies found me in the school hallways, in class, by e-mail and by phone. It was awful. Luckily it got solved really quickly and by the time I was 13 it was all over. As we all grew up my “bullies” apologized to me and we were able to be friends, but that first year of high school was HARD.

I’m not exactly EMBARRASSED to talk about being bullied, but it’s still hard to write about. It’s hard because it means accepting that there was a time in my life when I wasn’t in control; when other people thought they had the right to invade my personal life and laugh at my expense. I have no idea WHY they chose ME to bully, I don’t even remember exactly how I would handle it each day. I just know that I was very upset. My mother was very worried.

Today, it is so easy for kids to be bullied and to have NOWHERE TO GO, nowhere to hide. Cyberbullying is a SCARY thing. There are way too many kids that go through this every single day. I know that even people I work with have kids as young as 10 and 11 who get picked on. I once talked to an EIGHT YEAR OLD who told me that there was a girl in her school who made fun of her. EIGHT YEARS OLD.

There are so many teenagers who commit suicide after being bullied, so many kids who are afraid to go to school because it means facing the person that is making their life a living hell.

So why am I writing this incredibly depressing post? I just wanted to take a minute to remind you of what it’s like to be a teenager and to go live through all of that. We’ve all been the victim of some kind of mockery, and it’s NOT fun. It’s important to remember to help people who are in trouble when you see it- for me, it was telling that eight year old girl that she was beautiful and talking to her mom about how ridiculous kids can be. Little things can help.

I’m personally excited to write my paper. I hope that I can do the topic justice, because I know that a lot of lives have been lost from bullying & they deserve to be remembered. When I watched the video of the Star Wars Kid above today while I wrote this post I was no longer laughing or smiling- I was on the verge of tears. I now realize how SAD it is, and how inappropriate it was of me to indulge the awful people who made it circulate in the first place.

I’ll always be a “Star Wars Kid” at heart, even though bullying is far into my past now. But sometimes, it’s important to dig up those long lost feelings to remember all the teenagers who can’t get past it. They certainly deserve it.

Tell me, have you ever been bullied? What was your situation like? Have you ever helped someone who was being harassed or tormented? 


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  1. Really sucks that that kid was mocked so mercilessly 😦 That always makes me so sad. It’s usually kids who don’t have a great situation at home who end up being bullies. For me, I grew up in a pretty tumultuous home and as a result I was not wont to stand up to bullies in support of other kids…I just ignored it all and made sure the attention stayed off me. Not something I’m proud of, but I think if I had more of a solid base I might’ve been a more confident kid and more likely to defend the people who needed it. Bullying is so interesting to me because it’s so ubiquitous. Thanks for this post love, and I’m so sorry to hear you were bullied 😦

    • Thanks girl! I can understand your perspective too though, I feel like high school was tough enough without trying to figure out who to stand up for BESIDES yourself. I mean, as I made more friends when I got older I definitely saw people get bullied and didn’t always do something about it. I regret it, but if I can ever do something to change it now, I definitely would.

  2. My daughter was bullied at school and I’m so proud of how she dealt with it. We spoke about reasons why the boy (twice her size) might bully her. My daughte then went into school and spoke to the boy, asked him if everything was ok. He opened up to her and they became good friends.
    It doesn’t always work out this way, which is a shame, but there is hope

    • Good for her! That is such a great story. Funny enough, I became friends with all the people who bullied me as I got older, and I think we talked about it too. They apologized. Sometimes kids don’t even realize what they’re doing is harmful. Really happy it worked out for your daughter too!

  3. I was bullied as a child. Not physically, but emotionally. Other girls in my class mercilessly teased me and made fun of me. I had extremely low self esteem as a result. I was lucky, I got through it. But others don’t.
    My brother-in-law is a teacher and on the first day of school this year one of the students from his school, a 12 year old boy, killed himself because he was bullied by other students, friends of another kid who mugged the boy, and who the boy was going to testify against in court (you may have seen it in the news; it went national for a bit in Canada). I just don’t understand how kids think it’s ok to treat others that way. No one should ever feel that way about themselves and think that leaving this world is the only option. Especially a 12 year old child.

    Great post! It’s something we all need to consider more and spread the word that it’s not ok!

    • that is such a SAD story about your BIL’s student. It’s stories like that, that remind me how important it is to be aware of what’s going on and try to help prevent it. It may never go away, but it’s just so unfair to kids who get bullied. They need more resources to help them.

      Thank you for the sweet comment though! 🙂

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