Currently… [in threes]


I haven’t really blogged about my life recently, so here’s a little peek into my current favorites! 


1) The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness [YA dystopia]
– So far so good, I’m only about 50 pages in but I’m having trouble sitting down and REALLY getting into it. I blame school.  

2) This Way for the Gas, Ladies & Gentlemen by Tadeusz Borowski [Holocaust Non-Fiction]
– The title of this book alone traumatizes me. I’m reading this book for my Holocaust Literature class, and it’s just as frightening as it sounds. I’m about 80 pages in and it’s a tough read. Every time I pick up a new book for this class I’m amazed at what I learn that humanity can do to one another.  

3) I’ll be starting ‘The Scent of Rain & Lightning’ for my book club soon! 


1) STORMS by Hedley ❤

I missed these four boys a LOT!

2)PEOPLE & THINGS by Jack’s Mannequin (still!)

3) The song “We Need New Transportation” by Winter Gloves


1) CASTLE. I am making my way through season 2 right now and just WOW. So hooked. 

2) Grey’s Anatomy. This may be my favorite show of the year. Love! 

3) Dexter. What an AMAZING season so far! 


1) More hours in a day. I’m trying to stay on top of my homework 24 hours is literally NOT enough to do everything! 

2) Some extra money for Christmas. I’m really not sure what I want to do for gifts this year with such a tight budget. 

3) A little vacation. Ever since Greece I have the most severe case of wanderlust. Sigh. 

3.5) A little bit of willpower. I’m missing a lot of that. 


1) A couple new cardigans for the winter season. I’m itching for a few gift cards for the mall so I don’t spend money and feel guilty. But I literally have ONE cardigan. I’d love a few more- I’m relying way too much on my black American Apparel hoodie to keep me warm as the temperature dips! 

2) A new laptop. I love my computer, but it’s running out of memory, and it’s now about 5 years old. In technology years, that’s like 939203582 years old. I need to retire it! 

3) A new iPod. I still have the first generation classic 30GB which is coming very close to it’s last days. The battery loses it’s charge super quickly, the hold button doesn’t really work, and it’s overall just OLD. Like, 7  years old. 

This list could be very, very long… But what girl doesn’t have a huge list of wants?! I mean really. 


1) Homework, but that’s nothing new! 

2) I have nothing to list here

3) Or here. Look at me go, I’m not avoiding a whole lot right now! I still needed 3 numbers though, otherwise that defeats the purpose of this post… 


1) This

2) This

3) This

Your turn! Pick a category and tell me what’s going on in your life. 


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  1. New laptops are pretty awesome, I gotta say. I tend to get sick of mine after 2 years…bad habit! And I wish more than anything that I had Showtime so I could watch Dexter!

  2. I struggle to read one book at a time let alone 3. I love Dexter and scarily find myself able to relate to the guy. I really am looking forward to the season you’re watching being released over here.

    • I’ve never read this many books at once. Unfortunately it means that I’m not finishing any of them, which is frustrating. Ah well. School takes priority which means putting my reading habit on the back burner.

  3. I love this list! I may use it someday. 🙂

    I need a new computer like whoa. It’s only about 2 1/2 years old but it doesn’t hold a battery charge anymore. (Plus, the plug isn’t in there very tight so it falls out easily. Not plugged in = computer turns off. VERY annoying.) I’m just not sure if I want to go PC or Mac. Mac’s are so expensive!

    A little vacation? Florida is beautiful this time of year. Ya know… 😉

    • Sadly, my *potential* December vacation plans fell through because of school. Stupid school 😦

      But I can basically PROMISE that I’ll be coming to Florida within the next 2 years. Like, probably this summer unless I end up going away for a few months, which is another thing I’m looking at doing. Not sure yet though. But we WILL meet soon hehe 🙂

  4. Pretty sure my laptop is on it’s last legs too – shame I’m not paid anywhere near enough to replace it!

    Currently reading James Corden’s autobiography which is hilarious, and waiting to start on One Day 🙂

    • I’ve heard great things about One Day- enjoy!! It’s the worst when a piece of technology starts to give out on you 😦 I’m totally feeling your pain, and not sure what I’m going to do to fix it! Spending money on a new computer is the last thing I feel like doing right now!

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  6. I picked up The Knife of Never Letting Go a couple of weeks ago from the library. But I haven’t started reading it yet!

    I love your lists. My 3 Things I’m listening to:
    1) The Lenning’s Grease Cover of You’re The One That I Want
    2) Dawes ‘When My Time Comes’
    3) She & Him Christmas Album

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