I Have Never… [A beginner’s bucket list]


It’s no secret around here that I like making lists, and I like when those lists have goals. It started about 2 years ago now (time flies!) when I created my very first 101 Goals in 1,001 Days. I’m still working on it, but I have honestly had the best time doing it.

I’ve been debating the whole “bucket list” thing because I wasn’t sure if it was for me or not, but then I thought to myself “how can a list of goals I want to achieve in my life NOT be my thing?” I love lists, I love goals, I love life; a bucket list is clearly the next step.

There has been this “I Have Never” post going around the blogosphere that I really wanted to participate in (which is what I’ll be doing today) except I’m only going to be putting down the things that I have never done and hope to ONE DAY ACHIEVE. I’m going to take this opportunity to start my bucket list. I’ll probably add to it (or change it) every once in a while, I think that’s half the fun in a life list compared to other lists of goals that I have made for myself in the past.

So let’s see what I can come up with!

I have never… gotten a tattoo

I have never… studied or worked out of my hometown

I have never… visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

I have never… met a celebrity [that wasn’t a musician]

I have never… gotten my driver’s license

I have never… backpacked my way through a continent (or country)

I have never… traveled for longer than 3 weeks

I have never… published a work of fiction

I have never… kissed someone in the rain

I have never… volunteered *just because*

I have never… spent Christmas away from home

I have never… been married

I have never… experienced Mardi Gras

I have never… stayed up partying until the sun came back up

I have never… visited the Grand Canyon

I have never… tried vegetarianism

I have never… gone (fully) skinny dipping

I have never… told someone how I feel about them

I have never… seen the Egyptian pyramids

I have never… seen the Acropolis in Greece up close

I have never… seen the Eiffel Tower

I have never… been inside the Empire State Building

I have never… learned to play the piano (even though I’ve wanted to my whole life)

I have never… been fluent in three languages

I have never… gone on an African Safari

And there you have it! The first 25 things on my LIFE LIST.

What’s on yours? What have you NEVER done & still hope to achieve? 


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  1. Oh, I love the idea of making this more of a “Life List” than just a list of things I have never done. Now I have another post idea floating through my mind! Sigh. 🙂

    A lot of these would probably be on my Life List, too!

    • Yay! Your post totally gave me the idea to transform it into a life list, because I felt the same way about your list- there were so many things on there that were goals I hoped to ONE day accomplish. Plus I’ve been wanting to create a life list for so long, I figured this was a great time to start 🙂

  2. This is such a great way to start a life list. I’ve got my 101 Things 1001 Days list like you, but I definitely have more goals in life than that. For example would love to get my degree, but that’s not on the list ‘m working on at the moment.
    I do love your idea of back packing across a country / continent.

    • Thanks Paul 🙂 The 101 list is after all what inspired me to start a life list, so I’m sure that you’ll get around to creating one as well one day. You’re doing so well with your goals, I don’t see that being the end of your journey with lists!

  3. I love those lists… they’re so informative and I also liked how you made this a life list instead of just a list of things you haven’t done 😉

    This post is definitely on my blogging inspiration list! 😉

  4. Gah! I want to comment on every freaking post I’ve read so far!

    Love your blog. Love it. Great content, great writing, great blogger!

    (PS. I am completely thieving some of these list-type things. I’ll link back, though! 😀 )

    • This comment totally just made my day!! Thanks so much for stopping by & leaving such sweet comments 🙂 I’m going to check out your blog ASAP! And I’m excited to see which posts you borrow from 😉

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