Stormy. <3


I’d love to take some time to talk about a band that I have brought up MANY times around here in the last 4 years. A little Canadian band called Hedley.

This band. I don’t even know where to start, or what to say. Well, first of all, the reason I’d like to really talk about them is because I get to see them today for the first time since last SEPTEMBER. I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am to see them play some of their new songs this evening for the very first time.

I started listening to Hedley when I was in high school. Jake was young back then; a contestant on CANADIAN Idol, he made it to the TOP 3 before asking his fans to vote him off so he could get back to his band and make music with them. I didn’t know them super well at that time- I followed Jake on Idol but didn’t know all these small details about him, or the existence of Hedley for that matter.

But then they released their first album and I had it on repeat for MONTHS. It’s all I could listen to. My life revolved around 321, Street Fight, Gunnin’, Johnny Falls, Saturday, and Sugar Free. The entire album was my favorite song. His voice was beyond anything I understood.

Then, their second record came out and that’s when life got interesting. I was 18, going to concerts every week, and Hedley just happened to be doing a LOT of touring while I wasn’t in school. I got in a car with two of my best friends and for two years we went to a TON of Hedley shows one after the other. I never got tired of their music; every time Jake gets on stage and sings I fall right back in love with his music.

Jake had a thing with taking his shirt off at shows back in the day… And I was always lucky enough to snap pictures! Good times. 🙂

I don’t even know. But it makes me laugh! 

Hedley introduced me to the world of Canadian music, but beyond that just to the world of music in general. I made so many friends and memories because of them, and they were the first musicians I ever met (that in itself is just a hilarious story that my friends like to make me re-live. So embarrassing). Honestly every time they release a new album I just love it.

My girls & I before our last Hedley show together! April 2010 ❤

Their new one? NO exception. They’re getting a lot of criticism about being so mainstream, but it suits them JUST fine. Mainstream isn’t a bad thing, it means success, and it doesn’t change the fact that Jake’s voice is recognizable ANYWHERE. It’s one of a kind, and the four of them together have such a fantastic chemistry.

Basically, I could go on about Hedley for a long time. A long, long time. I just wanted to take some time to really write about them because it’s BEEN A WHILE. I miss them, and what better day to reminisce than the day I finally get to see them again?! Today is going to be a good day.

If you listen to any music today, do me a favor and look up their latest album, STORMS. It’s amazing.

What artists have shaped your life? Do you have any good music stories like I do with Hedley?

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