Sunday Inspiration + Links v.3


A guide to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. As if I didn’t already want to go badly enough?!

– The easiest, yummiest dessert I’ve seen in a while. Nutella Mug Cake. Om noms.

– Someone is trying to tempt my *healthier* eating habits. Another super easy dessert, cinnamon toast&rolls. What?! Looks delicious!

– The song in the video below. It is so beautiful, the more I listen to it the more I love.

– I love this how-to on building characters for your novel. Will definitely come in handy when I start writing MY book!

Why it’s OK to stay in tonight. Sometimes, Friday nights at home are just the right medicine after a long week!

– Really interesting article on what foods to combine together… I’m down for some tomatoes and avocado! Yum!

– The optical illusion below is such a neat way to show you HOW COOL our eyes are.

 – I love Jack’s Mannequin. I really do. Especially when photos like this pop up of them:

That’s all I’ve got for you for this week… There are tons more things that I’d love to link to but I just DON’T HAVE TIME! It’s been a busy week and weekend, and now I really have to do some homework.

Happy Sunday! 




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  1. As always, a fabulous collection of links. I SO BADLY want to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. One day I will make it. I will use the excuse of taking my stepdaughter but really, it will all be about me, me me. Beautiful song, too, and that optical illusion is freaking me out!

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