More Bits & Pieces


Today, I completely forgot to blog. There’s about an hour left to this day and I realized that I was so busy doing homework and working that I didn’t even think about my little space on the internet. Moral of the story: NaBloPoMo is NOT EASY to accomplish while in the middle of finals.

Here are a few tidbits from my weekend worth sharing in a short & sweet post:

1- I had severe caffeine withdrawal for three days while I tried really hard not to drink coffee. The first day was impossible to live through, but it got easier with time. After my third day I was feeling pretty good in terms of headache and fatigue, so I had a cup before work. I cut down on sugar and I didn’t have any more all day. Ideally, I’d like to cut my coffee intake to one cup a day, or every few days, so it’s something I’m still working on!

2- I got absolutely NO homework done in my three days off. I was too tired from caffeine withdrawal. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it.

3- I drank a LOT of hot chocolate in 3 days. I feel like in terms of sugar, it was probably worse for me. But it definitely replaced coffee in terms of comfort and craving, just didn’t help with the withdrawal symptoms!

4- I got to spend a few quality hours with my nephew and I swear he’s just the cutest. I adore him!

Putting him to sleep… ❀

Me, my brother and my nephew who looks rather uncomfortable, but cute nonetheless!

5- I can hardly remember last time I read for fun, rather than for school. This weekend? I didn’t read AT all. I was not in the mood whatsoever, and I feel like that’s school’s fault. I really don’t like being forced into reading for class, it takes the fun out of it completely!

6- I’ve been meaning to enter this contest all week, but can’t think of which story to write about. I read the stories from past winners and they seem so well done, from women who traveled to far and distant lands, I’ve had some amazing vacations, but I just don’t know if it’s worth taking the time to write about a particular moment. I only have a few days left, but I’m still thinking about it!

7- My hairdresser came home from her vacation Saturday and I’m FINALLY getting my hair done tomorrow. I swear, my hair grows so fast it’s not even funny. I JUST got it done and it’s already too long to style.

8- I took two naps this weekend. I can’t even REMEMBER the last time I napped before then. And I’m still just so exhausted. How does that even happen?

9- I’m having major issues with the puppy across the street being mistreated. I basically can’t handle it anymore- it’s below zero outside and he’s being left outside for hours at a time. When my mom and I approached my neighbor about the situation, she said that the dog constantly *asks* to go out. No wonder, when he’s not outside he’s trapped in his tiny cage! It’s just so sad. I want to kidnap him.

How can you mistreat this cute little face?! He’s too lovable for his own good!

10- I have so much homework to do. There’s really nothing else to talk about at this point. Just 4 weeks until I’m done with this semester. I can make it. I CAN make it.

How was your weekend?! What’s new in your life?


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  1. I went through this whole post thinking how cute your hair looks and then you tell me it’s grown out and you want to cut it, ha! πŸ˜‰ But it does look cute.

    Your nephew is ADORABLE. I miss that stage a lot and there are times I’m around my own nephew and just like, “WHERE DID THIS LITTLE PERSON COME FROM?” Watching their personalities develop is so amazing.

    I’ve been reading your tweets about the dog and it makes me sick to my stomach. I wish you COULD kidnap him. He is so cute!!

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