A little determination, a lot of will!


First off, I just want to say thank you for the amazing comments on my post from a couple days ago on trying to write every day. I didn’t write it expecting any big reaction whatsoever- I was truly just reflecting on myself as a writer and the way I’ve grown over the last year or so- but the amazing comments I’ve received since have kept a smile on my face nonstop. As much as writing is something I do for myself, as I pointed out, it’s a great feeling to be told I’m not crazy and it is readable. So thank you, I probably wouldn’t be half the blogger I am today without all of your encouragements along the way!

After taking a few days’ break from blogging this week, I realized that I was one post short of completing my one month series on healthy living. I really wanted to make November a turn-around month for myself and I thought that by blogging once a week about health and fitness I could hold myself accountable for my actions and really get back on track.

Looking back, I still stand by that idea. I think it could have worked out great, I just lost two things along the way these past four weeks: willpower and determination. Without those, writing is just NOT enough to alter my lifestyle. It kind of feels like over the course of November, I got worse with my habits- not better.

I did do a few things right that I’d love to continue working on in December and basically forever:

1. I started to cut back on caffeine. I wrote last week about quitting cold turkey for a little while, but by the time this week started up I was back to drinking coffee. Luckily, the days I stopped drinking it really DID help. I can easily wake up now and not feel like I need to drink coffee right away, although I do LOVE having that one cup per day. It’s so satisfying and honestly? The best thing about waking up in the morning. As long as I can stick to one cup of coffee per day or every other day, I’ll be happy.

2. I’m drinking more water. This seems like a constant struggle in my day-to-day routine, but I’m incorporating a lot more of it into my diet each day. Work in progress.

3. I make sure to keep healthy foods stocked in my house at all times. Super important of course, I just feel like I’m getting  a little bored with my usual snacks at this point. Even though I have the right foods, I don’t always want to eat them.

Without the determination to succeed and the willpower to stick by a stricter regimen, I can’t make this work for myself. I am STILL the victim of my cravings- lately, even later night snacks, something I had managed to cut almost completely out of my life but have started to make a re-appearance. I always feel super motivated to make changes in my life after writing about it, but my determination rarely sticks with me long enough to make an impact.

I know that I AM a determined person. I’m incredibly motivated and I love to accomplish goals- that’s no secret. In the past, I have accomplished things that have impressed not just myself, but my friends and family. When I was 16 I was determined enough to complete the 30 hour famine. The last few hours were horrible, I had to sit through class for 2 hours with pizza right next to me waiting for hour 30 to be complete… But I did it. This summer, I got into a strict calorie-counting, gym-going lifestyle that I loved. I am a fan of that girl who spontaneously finds the will to complete such out of the ordinary things. I want to make them LESS out of the ordinary- I want to make that awesome, determined girl the one people see every day.

I’m realizing that my biggest problem is that I love instant satisfaction. When I’m hungry? I just want something in that moment, I don’t care WHAT it is. If I have something healthy on hand, I’ll eat it. If not, I’ll eat something else nearby. Maybe it’s because I’m running from school to work all the time, but I have such a one-track mind these days, I hardly make the time to cook. My willpower is nonexistent because when it comes to hunger, I just want to satisfy it and move on with life. I love good food, don’t get me wrong, but when I have a million other things on my mind I love the instant satisfaction that comes with a quick snack more.

Finally, I need to make more time in my life for exercise. I love exercising, but again it comes down to the determination to actually DO it. I never regret a work-out EVER, and yet I don’t make nearly enough time for them. This is such a constant struggle for me, I feel like I’m constantly talking about making TIME… I just need to suck it up and do it.

There are certain things I’m currently doing that are not working. so it’s time to change it. If I’m getting bored with the foods I’m eating or the lifestyle I’m living, I need to change them. Otherwise? I will never find those two key things that I need to make this work for myself. A little determination, a LOT of will. Well, maybe just a lot of both.

How do you stay motivated to stick with something that’s really tough?


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  1. I think instant satisfaction/gratification is one of the biggest problems with our generation. We know what we want and we want it NOW. Sounds like you are really growing through this process and that is awesome. My best thoughts & wishes for you as always!

  2. You’re making good changes to your life and that’s all that matters! I know you want to do better because I feel that way, too, but I also know I am making changes that may seem small to me (and don’t lead to much weight loss) but they are still healthier ways of living that I wasn’t doing before. I want to be better at it and I’m determined to do it, but it can be very, very hard.

    Staying motivated is so hard, especially at this time of year. I wish I had an answer but I don’t.

    Keep your head up, girly! Small changes are better than no changes. 🙂

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