Christmas Time!



I think most people will agree that Christmas is the best part about winter. I mean, that’s the only explanation I can think of as to why on December 26th I immediately hate the snow, the cold and the early afternoon darkness. I’ll admit that each year I’m usually a little bit late to jump in on the holiday-cheer-wagon. Here’s why:

1. I’m usually in school until the week before Christmas
2. That often means I leave most of my shopping for that one week
3. I’m probably more stressed than the average person due to last minute shopping
4. I work in retail
5. I have to deal with crazy people for almost 3 months… Because I work in retail
6. I get yelled at a lot in November/December.. Because I work in retail
7. Have you ever worked Boxing Day in retail? If yes, I don’t need to explain further. If you haven’t, I hope you’re not one of those people who tries to return their Christmas gifts on the 26th. NOBODY does returns on the 26th! No one!
8. Constant Christmas music. I love a Christmas song as much as the next person, but on a loop for 8 hours at work? Not cool.
9. The stress of how much money to spend and who to buy for.

I’ve been working in retail for four years now, and I can honestly say that it puts a little damper on my Christmas. It’s not easy working a job where everyone dumps their stress on you as they attempt to get all THEIR shopping done, while I am stuck leaving all of mine for December 20th.

THAT being said, I still love Christmas. I love the holidays as a general rule, but this year I’m trying my best to look past all the usual stress to enjoy all the amazing little things that only come around for a few months. I’ve become really bad at ignoring all the *little* things that I actually adore about this time of the year:

1. Holiday drinks: coffees, teas, hot chocolates, you name it. I love it.
2. Decorations! I love looking around at all the lights and things that people put up. My mom  is a huge Christmas decorator- always has been- and I love how my house slowly transforms into a place that Santa would be proud of. 😀
3.  Spending day after day with family!
4. So. Much. Yummy. Food.
5. Christmas cards! Strangely enough, my family isn’t big on these, but I LOVE them. I worked at Hallmark for a year when I was 18 and have since had a totally new appreciation for giving/receiving cards.
6. I’ll take any reason to have a tiny break from school. Those two weeks are heavenly.
7. That feeling when you wake up on December 25th
8. That similar feeling when you wake up on January 1st
9. The feeling of setting up new New Year’s Resolutions (I really like goals, you guys)
10. Christmas log cake. SO GOOD.

I think it’s pretty clear that there are a lot more awesome things about the holidays than non-awesome ones. As November comes to an end, I’m promising to be more holiday-spirited throughout December. It’s time to enjoy the whole month like I should, instead of just those two weeks where I’m out of school!

What are your favorites and non-favorites about the holidays?!


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  1. I also work in retail. I GET IT. It’s three+ months of absolute crazy. Common sense and dignity tends to go out the window and doesn’t come back until some time after the new year.

    This year I’m a little more excited about Christmas but I think it’s because I just moved into an apartment and we’ve had a blast decorating. Our tree was up before Thanksgiving!

    I love cards, too. One of my absolute favorite things about Christmas though is that a bunch of the Twitter/blogging folk get together and do a card exchange—I’m so excited about doing it again this year! You should totally get in on it.

  2. Having worked in retail three years in a row, VERY RECENTLY, I can’t tell you how happy I am to not be working this Christmas. And also, who on earth returns gifts on Boxing Day. That’s super organised but worrying on many levels.

  3. When I was 15-20 I worked in a café every school holiday and Christmas was the worst purely because it was so busy, and every was having 3 course meals and getting drunk and refusing to leave – I began to resent the holiday so I totally get what you mean about working in retail! Such a nightmare – I am a sucker for xmas though – I decorated like 3 days ago, cringe for me right? Every time fairytale of new York comes on the radio I feel like putting tinsel round my neck like a feather boa, drinking mulled wine and dancing along x

  4. Ugh, working retail during Christmas must really, really suck. I couldn’t imagine but this post makes me want to be extra nice to all the workers I come in contact with while out shopping! (You should totally do a post on the right etiquette in a store, or something like that!)

    I absolutely love Christmastime and this is my first year I won’t have to worry about finals so I’m doubly excited! 🙂

  5. Christmas is THE BEST! I love all the things you listed… and I can’t wait to see my family soon! I can imagine though how hard it must be to work in retail… I try to be extra-nice during the holiday season!

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