1 Year, 23 Goals


Since creating my 23 Before 23 Goals on July 10th 2011, I pretty much haven’t talked about them whatsoever. I’ve been working on them and updating the page in my nav bar that I have for them, but half the point of having them around here is to write about my accomplishments (…and my failures).

I thought I would take some time to review the goals I’ve accomplished, the ones I’m working on, and the things I’ve learned from trying to accomplish so many *big* goals in 365 days.

Accomplished Goals

1. Take the trip of a lifetime. I went to Greece this summer, which you can read all about here!

2. Write a letter to myself on the day off my 22nd birthday to open on the day of my 23rd. As the goal says, I wrote it on the day of my birthday. I still vaguely remember what I wrote to myself, but not in detail. Also? It’s really hard to write yourself a letter. I think I have 3 now that are waiting to be opened in the future.

17. Take a University class I’m interested in, even if it doesn’t fit my degree. I wrote about this goal back in September, actually. I took a Holocaust Literature class which I paid for out of my pocket & does not count towards my degree. I’ve always been fascinated with that time period- in the least morbid way possible- and was interested in learning more about it as well as reading books about the subject that I had never previously heard of. I’m still *in* the class right now actually, my 2 finals are on December 16th. Overall, I learned a LOT about this class. The books were for the most part incredibly fascinating. The class as a whole is REALLY hard. There’s a lot of work involved and I was expecting it to be a lot easier because I already had a good background. I think that makes this goal even better, because it wasn’t what I expected at all and I was still able to accomplish it!

20. Watch all the seasons of a TV show I’ve never seen before. This was a really FUN goal to accomplish considering I have a serious TV addiction. I’m just about done with season 3 of CASTLE and then I’ll basically be all caught up. The show is currently in it’s 4th season. I’ve really enjoyed watching it- season 2 was amazing- but so far season 3 has been kind of boring. I’m hoping it picks back up at some point because right now I find it’s just like every other cop show out there. I am a huge fan of the cast of the show and I think they do a great job of keeping the cases interesting, but I wish there was more character development in each episode.

Working On…

11. Get rid of a bad habit. I’m a girl with many bad habits, to be honest. I had a few specific ones in mind when I wrote this goal out (in particular stop cracking all my joints or stop biting my nails) but I’ve managed to work on other aspects of myself that I wanted to improve. I don’t know when I’ll officially cross it off, but so far it’s still considered *in progress*.

12. Read 10 biographies about people who changed the world. So far I’ve read 6, and that is mostly thanks to my Holocaust Literature class this semester. My teacher gave us an amazing reading list filled with incredibly influential biographies, so I’m very grateful to him for that. I have a few more on my bookshelf that I’m just itching to pick up, and I just know this goal will be done in no time. You can see the list of the ones I’ve read on the goals page!

13. Buy a scrapbook and put it together for myself. The week I came home from Greece I bought a scrapbook and all the necessary materials to put it together, but I haven’t found any time to make it so far. I know the scrapbook will be about my trip, I just need to print out those photos and get it done!

18. Participate in Project 365. Originally, the goal was to participate from the day of my birthday until the following year on my birthday. It went super well to begin with, but when I went to Greece I lost track of which picture was for which day on my camera and I gave up. I recently picked up the project again and have been keeping up with it on my Facebook page. It’s much easier that way & super easy to upload, instead of making blog posts out of it. Hopefully I can stick with it until the end of my list next July! It won’t be over until November 2012, but if I stick to it until July I’ll consider it worthy of crossing off.

23. Support 10 lesser known musicians/artists & buy their record instead of downloading it. I’ve currently bought 5 albums of lesser known musicians, and I’ve felt great about it each time. My bank account maybe not-so much, but I’m always happier knowing I’m supporting something I love so much! Again, you can see the list on my goals page (linked above).

Lessons and Moving Forward

Writing this post has reminded me how FAR BEHIND I am on this list. One year is not nearly enough to complete 23 goals… Or rather it is, I’m just not dedicating enough time towards it. I don’t think I overshot any of my goals, I actually put a lot of thought into things that I thought I’d be able to do in the next year of my life. Moving forward, I want to make a lot more time for the other 13 goals that I haven’t thought of.

My current problem is that a lot of them need money, which I don’t have. When I wrote the list of goals, I wanted to make them more fun so that I didn’t feel like I had a bunch of chores to do. Now I’m wondering if I didn’t properly consider the money I would need to accomplish them all, as well as the time.

I definitely haven’t changed my mind about any of these goals. I still want them all crossed off by July 10th 2012… I just need to shift my focus and make sure that if this is what I want to accomplish, then I’m doing everything in my power to do that. Right now, I know I’m not.

Have you ever made a list of goals to accomplish before your next birthday? What did you learn from it? 


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  1. Good for you! I haven’t done a birthday list, but I just finished the 101 in 1001 project in September and started a second one. The first time I had all these travel goals I ended up “failing” because I didn’t have the money. This time I tried to be more realistic, but it’s hard to project 3 years ahead. I have some on there I might not do because of money, but I decided I at least want to try 🙂

  2. You’re right, it costs sooo much money to complete the fun goals – which is why I always have a few free ones on my list. You’ve done really well though lovely! You could have completed none of them but Greece and the whole year would be worthwhile 🙂 xxxx

  3. I was going to do a “24 at 24” list but decided to do another set of New Years Resolutions instead, since my birthday falls so close to the new year. You accomplished some big goals there so that’s awesome. Hello, GREECE? Awesome, awesome. 🙂

    One of the biggest things I’ve learned from my resolutions is that I need to be proud of those goals I did accomplish and not dwell so much on those I didn’t. I tend to get too caught up in what I didn’t accomplish, not what I did, so focusing on the fact that I can successfully cross off a bunch of goals is pretty sweet.

  4. I’ve spent too much time dwelling on failed tasks recently. i’m going to try an exercise of listing everything i have acomplished this, whether it is on a list or not. may you could give it a try.

  5. Girl, let me tell you that my 32 before 32 list is so being ignored right now. I still have stuff from my 31 before 31 list that got rolled over that are still there tormenting me. Haha!

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