On… Friendships



There are some moments in my life that have been made infinitely better and more special because of my friends. Many of my closest friendships began a decade ago (if not more), so we’ve all been through a considerable amount together.

Friends come and go, I know that. I gain friends every once in a while that I know will be around for a long time, and sometimes I lose friends because of silly arguments, or even bigger ones. This is all part of life, often the loss of friendships taking quite a toll on my emotional state. 

Some days though, I’m reminded of why I consider my best friends part of my family. Some days I’m reminded that there’s a reason that certain people are in my life- despite big fights and moments spent apart, we always come back together to support each other and live through life’s biggest moments together.

This week I’ve had a lot of friendships go under a magnifying glass. Every once in a while this happens, and it sucks, really. Maybe it’s just a girl thing, but we invest so much of our time and emotion into the people we let in our hearts, it’s no wonder that when something happens to make us question those people we let in, we become bitter, resentful and just overall upset. I find myself getting this way from time to time and I remind myself that it’s all out of love. Those who matter always come around.

That being said though, today was one of those days that tested some of my best friendships, and through a mixture of smiles and tears, I came out on the other side happy to have these people by my side. I hate that it was a tragedy that brought us back together, if even for a few hours, but it did show me that no matter what words were exchanged in the last months, the love we all share for one another- the history we all have together- prevails. No matter what, we can put our differences aside and just be there for each other.

I sat in between two girls who mean the world to me in a place that makes me literally cringe, and through heavy words and with heavy hearts we were there for one another to lean on. We shared looks that said a thousand words, we provided comfort to those who needed it, and we all hugged… A lot.

I miss the days when friendships were easy. Some days I feel like I’m losing more friends than I’m gaining, and for absolutely no reason at all. But then I remember the day that my best friend gave me a hug and I burst into tears in her arms, or the day that I got a card with just the right words, or even today, the day that I sat with two of my closest friends to support our fourth through a really hard time, and I know that through gains and losses, the friends I have today are here to stay.

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  1. I am sorry you had a tough day to day, but it’s good to have friends beside you to weather those storms. I am blessed with many strong friendships. We’ve been through alot together. Marriages, children, lives have have been lost. We are always there for each other. As you get older, friendships get tested by the many demands that pull us all in 1,000 different directions. So when you have a friendship that has stood the test of time, it’s a pretty amazing thing!

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