A second letter to the new boy in my life


Dear Cris,

Last night, you had your very FIRST sleepover. Ever! You came and spent the night with me and your grandma, and despite the middle-of-the-night waking up, we loved having you here. I was so overwhelmed to just spend all this uninterrupted time with you, I could hardly stand it. Your sleepover had me thinking and talking about you all day, so I thought I’d give you a little update on what’s been going on since the day you got here.

It literally feels like just yesterday that I rushed to the hospital after the longest school day of my life. All I wanted to do was MEET you, and it seemed like that moment would never come.

It’s been eight whole weeks since that first day, and there is no doubt in my mind that each time I see you I fall more in love with your cute little face. It’s only been two months, but each time I see you, you’re a completely new little baby. You’re growing up so fast and your personality is already starting to shine through. I may be biased, but you are one seriously good looking newborn child. Everywhere you go, other mamas follow you around to get a glimpse at your big, curious eyes and adorable smile. Which, by the way, is a brand new thing you do! I love that I can lie you down, hold your head and as soon as I start to talk to you, you start to giggle.

I can’t wait to tell you these little stories as you get older- the way you seem to be learning certain people’s voice and maybe faces, the way you love to be held like a bag of potatoes (seriously, over the shoulder like a bag. of. potatoes.) and the way you make this cute little fishy face when you’re concentrating on something or when you’re given a pacifier.

Before you got here, everyone was so excited to meet you. Even though we saw your mama’s tummy getting bigger and bigger as you grew, it still seemed like the most surreal thing in the world to think that you were actually on your way, and that one day you’d be a part of all our lives and be adored by so many people. I loved the idea of you before you got here, but now that I’ve actually met you and I know you’re really and truly in this world, it is crazy how much I love YOU, even though you’re only beginning to grasp the idea of the people in your life. Just wait until you get older, you’ll see what kind of love your family has for you.

Everyone has a different nickname for you, but I think my favorite (besides mine, you’re my little fishy) is your mom’s- she calls you her little blueberry! You have the roundest, most adorable face and the cutest cheeks ever. Your dad kind of bit you once because he couldn’t hold himself back. He didn’t hurt you, it was all out of love 🙂

I can’t believe your life has only just gotten started. We have so many more things to learn about you, and you have SO many things to learn about this planet. So far it has been a LOT of fun being your auntie, and I basically just want to spoil the daylights out of you already! I love seeing you grow a little every day, and I can’t wait to see what new and exciting thing you learn when I see you next.

Talk to you soon, baby boy.


Auntie Melissa

5 weeks- You fell right asleep when I picked you up! 🙂

6 weeks- We were just hanging out at your place and you were chilling, looking cute as usual.

 Sleepover night! This was around 6am, you were hanging out in grandma’s arm with your adorable little round face

 You love the camera, seriously. Look at that face! I could eat you up!


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  1. This made me tear up a little! GOSH! I miss the baby age but you are going to have a BLAST with him as he grows up. A! Blast!

    And he really is a cutie. Not just regular baby cute, but CUTE CUTE. 🙂

    How is he already 2 months old, though?! Geez. Time flies!

  2. I can totally relate to being an auntie in love! My niece is four years old now and she is hands down my favorite person in the world. It’s crazy to think that you can be so in love with someone who doesn’t even know their own name yet! As your nephew gets older and starts discovering the world around him more he will continuously amaze you. I love your idea of writing a letter to him, I’m going to do this with my niece!

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