I Vlogged!


Okay first off, it is so weird talking to my camera. But I pretended you were all hanging out, listening to me, and that made it less awkward. 🙂

Second, I think I have a really funny Canadian accent. After listening to myself talk I got all self conscious about it. Ha!

Third, I skipped a few of the longer questions and tried to answer as many as physically possible in this one video. Here are the people’s questions I answered:

– Paul
– Sweet Green Tangerine
– Amanda
– Jen N. (Scarlet Wonderland)

If I didn’t answer your question it’s not because I didn’t want to, it’s because I tried including in a previous attempt at my vlog and it made it too long 😦

Also, I just realized my room is super messy, which you can kind of tell in the background. It’s all very natural, that’s all!

Okay. Here it is. It may get rather boring, but I had to at least try doing it once! Sorry it kind of lags at some points, I have no idea why that happened but I was too lazy to do it all over again!

For more information on my favorite band JACK’S MANNEQUIN… Click on their name! They are seriously awesome.

Just for fun, feel free to take any of the questions I answered in my vlog and answer them in the comments below. I’d love to know your answers too! 

Thanks for watching!


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  1. I love How To Lose a Guy & 500 Days too! But more importantly, you sound American to me! I don’t hear the Canadian, except when you said house! I’m probably not the best judge of accents though.

    Yay! Thanks for vlogging, great to put a voice to you!

  2. So cute. And I like your accent! I think you should definitely do that trip to Australia (don’t worry about the duration of the journey, almost everything from Oz is more than a day long, and we all survive it). 🙂

  3. thanks for answering my questions and i must say it’s great to put a voice behind the words. you looked more comfortable in front of the camera than i do. biggest shock for me…your a fellow saw fan! i never would have guessed.

  4. So here’s something funny: I was watching this and my mom came into the room and was like, “What are you doing?” “Watching a vlog.” “Of you?” “No…” “Oh, it sounds like you!” HA… like, I don’t think we sound alike but I think we have the same tone a little. This story may only be funny/interesting to me…

    Thanks for answering my questions! It was fun to see you vlog and now I’m getting the itch to vlog again. I may need to put up another post for questions. Hmm…

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