Christmas Wrap-Up


I can’t believe Christmas is already over! This time of the year always just flies by, but it amazes me every time I go to sleep on the 25th. Luckily I get to enjoy a little extra holiday time on January 1st, because that’s the day that my mom hosts a huge family brunch at my house. I also have quite a few holiday parties coming up in the next two weeks, so I can still enjoy the holidays a little longer- but the crazy work days are slowly coming to an end, and life is going to be getting back to normal before I know it.

I had a really lovely weekend with family. I always have the best time when I see them (which is pretty often), but there’s always some added awesomeness when Christmas trees, extra yummy food, and presents are involved! Also when we have excuses to make my nephew look cuter than normal:

On Christmas Eve, I worked until 4:30 (the longest shift of my life) and then hurried home to get ready for my first family dinner. I headed over to my brother and sister-in-law’s house who were hosting for the evening. It was my family as well as my SIL’s best friend (and her 10 year old son and mom), so overall not a huge event, but lots of fun anyway. We spent the night talking, relaxing, EATING, and we opened a few gifts.

My nephew’s first stocking! Also included: the blue Santa hat he’s wearing in the first photo.

So much delicious food! My SIL is a seriously good cook.

He doesn’t look super happy in this picture, but I needed a shot with him in his cute little suit!

We stayed at my brother’s house until around 2am. Earlier in the night I got to babysit my nephew and I put him to sleep- he slept for SEVEN HOURS- and then we just hung out as families do. All around really lovely evening that is lacking pictures because I basically forgot to take them. I was too busy relaxing πŸ™‚

I got to bed pretty late that night and I was up before 9am on the 25th- I have NO idea why. We decided to only do our gift exchange after dinner on Christmas day, so I literally had all day to just relax. My mom and I ended up doing our gift exchange together in the morning, and my mom spoiled me with lots of awesome clothes. Now I just need a place to go!

Β 8:30am on Christmas day in one of my new outfits!

I spent the rest of the day relaxing, catching up on Top Chef, cleaning up a little bit, and all around enjoying my first day off in a LONG time. I had to finish wrapping my presents for that night as well, and actually had lots of fun doing it! Around 6:45pm, my brother and SIL came over and opened a gift that my mom got for them- a huge playpen for my nephew! She didn’t want to bring it all the way to my SIL’s parents house, so they got their big gift here. Afterwards we all headed out for more yummy food and lots of present-opening.

I wear my Santa hat each year because I give the gifts out during our exchange πŸ™‚

This time it was just the close family- there was only 6 of us- so we enjoyed lots of quality time together, laughing, playing with my nephew, and obviously eating.

Gifts under the tree! Or basically gifts in the living room… We may have spoiled the baby this year.

Playing games with his daddy! (AKA trying to tire him out so he would go to sleep- it was 10pm!)

We un-wrapped presents until around midnight, and everyone (ESPECIALLY my nephew) got super spoiled. My family made sure I got some spending money for my trip to Orlando in February as well as some gift cards to go shopping before I leave. We also all got a gift card from my SIL’s mom to go eat out together at a super fancy restaurant, so I’m definitely looking forward to that! My brother gave out a bunch of souvenirs from his trip to Brazil- he bought a bunch of stuff from underprivileged children who create things with the few materials that they can find- so we all really loved those gifts a lot.

Finally, on December 26th, I got to sleep in! It’s been too long. I woke up just past 11 and got ready to spend the afternoon with two of my best girls. We went over to my friend Kate’s apartment and she made us a super delicious brunch, and then we just talked for like 3 hours. We were GOING to watch a movie, but of course, we got carried away in our chit-chatting. We clearly need to hang out more often!

How were your holidays? Did you get spoiled? Spent lots of quality time with family?


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  1. Your nephew is so cute! Such great pictures! I am glad you got a chance to sleep in! I slept in until 8 on Sat, Sun, and Mon! It felt amazing. Getting up at 5:15 was kind of brutal this am!

    My Christmas was awesome. I had a great time with my family! It just went by way too fast!

  2. That nephew of yours sure is handsome. I went shopping for myself on Christmas Eve (whoops), but otherwise Jason and I didn’t do any gift exchanging. We spent Christmas day out at the lake with some family, and it was so laid back and fun.

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