Hello, 2012 :)


Happy New Year everyone! I hope you got the chance to ring in 2012 with the people you love most, and I also hope you’re as excited as I am to get started on making this year the best that it can be.

I have big plans for 2012, and lots of things that need to get done. Here are my resolutions for the year.

BIG plans, people.

1. Complete my 12 Changes project

This goal in itself is pretty huge since it includes 12 different aspects of my life that I want to improve, and within each category I have my own set of goals. I’m slowly outlining what I want each month to look like, and I’m so excited to see how I do!

2. Finish my 23 Before 23 goals by July 10th 2012 (the last day of the challenge, of course!)

I know there are already a few goals on there that I WON’T have the time to finish- one year is just NOT enough and I kind of overshot it- but there are a ton of things on my list that I’m super excited to accomplish.

3. Finish, as best I can, my 101 Goals in 1,001 Days, which ends on September 28th 2012

Same as above, there are a bunch of things on my list that I don’t see myself doing, but I want to make sure that by September everything I WANT to be done, is done. The 101 is now actually 111 goals, but I’d still love to see how many of those I can get through.

4. Decide what to do next once all my lists of goals are completed. Another 101? Another birthday list?

Pretty self explanatory, I just can’t decide what I want to do next!

5. Read 60 books

I got so close this year, if I hadn’t slacked off my reading in the last 2 months I would have *definitely* reached this number. I have way too many books on my ‘to-read’ shelf right now that I’m just itching to get through, and so many other great ones are coming out in 2012!

6. Make an effort to blog more about books and music that I love, rather than just using them to fill up days that I don’t know what else to write

This is a bit of a random goal I guess, but I was looking back on my archives and I used to spend more time introducing bands that I love… and I miss doing it. Same goes for books: I read SO many good ones, but I don’t feel like I share them enough. I signed up on a website where I can get copies of books for my Kindle to review, and I fully plan to take advantage and do it this year!

7. Travel 

I loved this goal last year because I made it happen in such a BIG way. I know I already have one trip booked for February, but I would just LOVE to go somewhere else this summer!

8. Complete my 365 picture challenge

This is actually a goal on my 23 Before 23 list- I was supposed to start on my birthday and go until my next birthday- but I failed somewhere in between there. I started again in November and I’d really love to make it all the way until next November. So far I’m having the most fun this time around, and I can’t imagine NOT completing it!

*If we’re friends on Facebook you can keep up to date with my daily photos

9. Take part in the 2012 Young Adult Reading Challenge (thanks again for the link, Miranda!) 

Since I already read a ton of YA lit now, I figure that the “jumbo challenge” should be challenging enough for me. I’d love to read 40 YA novels in 2012… That leaves space for only 20 adult ones (if I read only 60 books) so let’s see how much reading I can get done this year!

10. Make 2012 all about happiness, adventure, taking risks, and accomplishments

Although I loved 2011 and I felt like a lot did happen in that year, I still feel like I go through bouts of my life where I’m not doing ANYTHING. When I look back at October/November of this year I was just so bored. I don’t want to go through that in 2012. I want to constantly challenge myself and try things out of the ordinary! I don’t know how I’ll be able to track this goal to be honest, but I kind of like just putting it out there.

I’m so excited for 2012! What do your goals look like for the year?


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  1. Great goals! I’m doing a picture-a-day thing on FB this year, just for fun. I think it’ll be a good way to take a peek back at the year when 2013 rolls around.

  2. What is this website to get free Kindle books to review? I want in! You should also check out TLC Book Tours. All you do is sign up to be a reviewer and they’ll email you a SLEW of books coming up available to review. All the books are really good ones, too. I always have such a hard time narrowing down my choices! Plus, you usually get a signed copy from the author which is always super exciting!

    I’m excited for your goals for 2012. I thought about doing a 24 at 24 list, but decided my resolutions were enough, especially since I have a lot this year. (Posting mine tomorrow so we have flip-flopped blog schedules, haha!)

  3. #10 is a great goal – I’ll be posting about something similar during the week. Also, I’m back! Thank you so much for your tweet – I’m not sure I’d have started writing again otherwise. Keep on at me because I really need to get back in to the w=swing of blogger life! Happy New Year Beautiful x

  4. So many goals, and you sound really excited about all of them. That’s wonderful. I can’t wait to hear about all your accomplishments.

  5. Great list! I really have a thing for goals. Reading about them from others, asking what people’s goals are, what they want to do, talking about mine. It feels almost like a fetish. Cept, I don’t get THAT kind of joy.

    I’m afraid I’ve talked too much in my first comment on your blog.

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