Sunday Inspiration & Links v.7


I’ve been debating whether I wanted to keep this weekly feature or not for a few weeks now. Since my Post A Day 2011 challenge is over, I can freely take weekends off my blogging schedule (yay!) but I think every once in a while I may bring this back and share some of my internet favorites.


– In 2011 I signed up to do the Global Reading Challenge and almost completed it. I was just missing ONE book I think, but got so carried away with life that I totally forgot to actually read it (it’s on my shelf!)

I was so happy to see that the challenge came back this year because I had a ton of fun discovering books from around the world in 2011.

So I will of course be giving it another shot and trying to complete it this year. Not just for the sake of crossing it off my 101 (because I said I’d complete it and did not) but because it’s a LOT of fun to do. I’m still going to stick with the Easy Challenge because it was hard enough for me to do the first time around.

You can also sign up HERE. Let me know if you do! 🙂

The Urban Jungle Workout. Love this, and totally do-able from home!

The Traveling Red Dress. Such a great (old) blog post by The Bloggess. Just started following her, and she is seriously awesome.

– Are you following the 12 Changes official blog yet? You should be!

– I’m still using my Tumblr really often, are we following each other?

– Am I the only one who finds this picture REALLY cute?!

– Speaking of pictures, this might be one of the most original ones I’ve ever seen. This is the source, if you want to see more from that picture project!

– I am in love with this song, and the video for it is AWESOME:

Happy Sunday! 


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  1. I joined the Global Reading challenge this year, that’s how I landed on your blog. I’m interested to see what others read so I will come back to your blog to learn more later 🙂
    Happy Reading!

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