Currently… #2


I did a post like this once before, you can read it here!


1) The Fault in our Stars by John Green. I literally just finished it, and all I can say is prepare yourselves for a review in the near future.

2) Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

3) Next up is The Marriage Plot for #twookclub… I can’t wait!


Snow Patrol. I’ve been listening to their albums on repeat for the last 2 days since I found out that THEY’RE COMING TO MONTREAL IN APRIL. Yes I already bought my ticket. YES I’m incredibly excited to be seeing them again after 2 years!

I can’t wait! 


1) Grey’s Anatomy is back and I’m still so in love with that show. I am in LOVE with this season, even though it breaks my heart into millions of pieces every Thursday night.

2) One Tree Hill is starting back up TONIGHT. It’s the final season and I just know I’m going to cry after like every single episode.


In my last ‘Currently’ post, I listed 4 things that I was really needing, and as I look over them I realize that I don’t need ANY of those things anymore because I took care of it all. THAT, feels amazing.

1) Right now, all I’m needing (or rather wishing that I had) is a little extra money. I want to travel this summer but I don’t feel like I’m paying off my debt and saving up fast enough. I’m working a lot these days though, so hopefully it pays off!

I’m hoping to end up here in June with my brother’s family & my mom!

2) A little extra time to meal plan for a week of vegetarianism coming up WAY too soon. I need to make it happen, and I keep forgetting to do it!


1) Getting ready for class, I need to leave in less than 2 hours but I practically just woke up! So weird.

2) Blogging, I feel like I haven’t written anything good in quite a while.


1) Harry Potter humor that is just so accurate accurate

2) John Green’s newest video about his newest book

3) I need new blogs to read. Leave me links to your favorites in the comments!

What are you currently up to?!

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  1. I know what you mean about GA – it’s my favourite for a go-to sobfest. The latest ep is no exception. I weeped, and I weeped hard. And then my husband and I both started clapping at the end (yes, I know we’re lame, I’m ok with that)

    Rosie xx

  2. Excited to read the book review. I know you’ve really been loving this one, from what I’ve seen on Twitter. 🙂

    Sometimes, a break from blogging is just what I need when I feel like my posts are uninspiring. (Not that yours are!) Maybe take a step away for a few days?

  3. Love this. Don’t mind me stealing it here. 🙂

    Reading – Sense and Sensibility. Gotta start out the year with some Jane Austen.
    Listening – Simple Song by the Shins
    Watching – Happy Endings
    Needing – More hours in the day to catch up!
    Avoiding – Fighting with my Insurance Company. Grrr!
    Loving – That work actually paid me to go on a trip. 🙂

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