Daydreaming of a faraway land…


The other evening I happened to be looking for a picture on Facebook, and I came across my album of pictures from my trip to Greece this past summer. On most days, seeing a picture from that vacation just makes me smile, but every once in a while I get nostalgic for those three weeks of my life.

The truth is that almost 5 months later, I still feel like I could have just stayed in Europe for a year and traveled and been completely happy. Most days I love being home to be with friends and family… But there are other days when I just feel like dropping everything and traveling the world until I’m just plain sick of traveling.

I’m so excited to go to Florida in just FOUR WEEKS (and a few days)! I need to get out of my city really badly. Not just because it hasn’t stopped snowing in, oh, 4 days? But because I love the freedom to learn a different city and explore new surroundings. Not to mention I’m going to be a wizard and move into Hogwarts this time around, so that’s always a plus.

But seriously, I can’t wait to get away, even if it’s just for 6 days. I’m already trying to decide when my next trip will be and how much I need to save because there is honestly NO feeling like the one you get when you’re somewhere entirely new. I would LOVE to spend a month of my summer visiting new places- maybe I’ll make it happen, but for now I’m going to just keep wander-lusting after every possible vacation I can.

Do you ever feel like spontaneously booking a vacation? Have you ever done it? 


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  1. Traveling is wonderful. I’d love to do it more, but these days my travel is solely confined to going home to see my family. That’s what you get for moving yourself halfway across the world 😉

    But yes, I sometimes feel like spontaneously booking a vacation. I think traveling and seeing new places is one of the most exhilarating experiences a human being can have! 🙂

  2. I often feel the same way. Especially after skyping last night with a good friend from high school who is getting ready to head off to India, Nepal and Thailand for 5 weeks. SO JEALOUS. At the same time I remember how tired I was after backpacking around Europe for 3 weeks and how ready I was to get back to ROUTINE and it reminds me that though the idea of traveling for long periods of time is enticing, the truth is I really am someone who strives on routine and schedules.

    That doesn’t stop me from being INSANELY excited about the next big international trip which we’re currently planning for 2014!!

  3. Yes I have! About five years ago after a breakup I was listening to Gwen Stefani sing “What you waiting for” while on the train to my job that I hated, and I thought “What AM I waiting for?” So I got to work, typed up a resignation letter, handed it in. Four weeks later I was on a plane. I’d booked myself into an archaeology course in the UK, then I travelled through Italy and France, then New York and San Fran. I emailed all my friends to see if they knew of cheap accommodation in all the places I was staying, so I mostly couch-surfed to save cash. I was gone two months, and it was glorious. Life changing. When I got back I made plans to move permanently to New York.

  4. Such beautiful pictures. Its not hard to see why you feel in love with Greece. I would love to just pick up and travel to faraway lands on a whim. Sadly adult responsibilities like credit cards, car payments, student loans, rent, etc make that impossible right now. I’m sorry I won’t get to meet you when you’re in FL!

  5. My vacations are always well planned out and rarely spontaneous… Mostly because of the saving I have to do to go on the vacations. I definitely know how you feel, though. that is how I felt when i got back from Paris last February. I didn’t want to come home and felt like there wasn’t much keeping me here in Minneapolis. but then I made some changes (the biggest one was moving downtown) and now I don’t feel as drawn to moving to Paris. My heart still aches for it, but I’ve made changes so that my life here in Mpls resembles the lifestyle i had during that week in Paris (walking everywhere, etc).

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