Already Monday?!


It always seems like the best weekends go by the quickest, doesn’t it?! After last week’s ridiculously low key-ness I was really looking forward to keeping non-stop busy from Thursday straight through to Sunday night. Here’s what my last few days have looked like while I’ve been away from the blog!

Thursday: I woke up nice & early to go to the gym, but unfortunately a sprained wrist meant I’d have to skip out on my back-to-back fitness classes. Instead, my sister-in-law picked me up and I ran errands with her & my nephew! After some grocery shopping, we headed back to her place and spent the day eating/making more vegetarian dishes/playing lots of games with little Cris (obviously!)

 Sleeping while I snap some pictures. You know how it is. 

ANOTHER picture, auntie?! 

Dinner that looks like pasta, tasted KIND OF like pasta, but was actually raw zucchini! So. Yummy.

Friday: Not much exciting stuff happened on Friday, now that I think of it! I spent the day at work followed by a nice relaxing evening at home with my Kindle and my computer. I was working early on Saturday & didn’t really *feel* like going out. Apparently I’m becoming more and more of a homebody!

Saturday: After what felt like the longest shift ever at work (in reality it was only about 6 hours) I headed back home for my Valentine’s Day party with the girls! I’ve mentioned a ton of times that we go out of our way to celebrate all the holidays together, and V-Day is certainly no except when 5 out of the 6 of us are single. These girls keep me sane, and I love that I can talk about a million things with them that doesn’t include why I still haven’t found the right guy.

We spent the evening eating a bajillion kinds of food, playing some old school nintendo (I lost interest at first, but played some really serious rounds of Mario Tennis by myself at the end of the night! I lost every single time. Boo)

Of course there were lots and lots of pictures too. We always know there’s a part of the night dedicated to timer shots all together, and it’s quite funny to see us all just gather on the floor and change positions 10 times in the hopes of getting a few good ones. They’re USUALLY all pretty crazy looking, but that’s what makes it great memories! My friend Jenn brought up how it felt like NOT a year ago since we last celebrate V-Day all together, and as I thought back to last year at my house with the same girls, I was overcome with so much darn love for the five of them. We’ve all been through so much together in the last 3 years that we’ve been (single) friends, it’s crazy to look back on. I love these girls like family though! 


Did you notice we color coordinated for the holiday?! We’re cool like that. 

Sunday: My nephew slept over Saturday night, so I woke up around 4:30am to feed him and hang out. Unfortunately this wasn’t by choice, I woke up with a terrifying ear infection and I couldn’t fall back asleep. I spent some time on the couch playing with him while keeping a cold cloth on my ear, and finally took some Tylenol and fell asleep as the pain dulled away.

I woke up a few hours later (8am, actually. Dear Lord.) and spent lots more time playing with Cris and dressing him up for the day. One of my good friends and her boyfriend came over for 3 hours or so to meet my nephew, and I THINK they were quite smitten with him too! They held him and played games and made him laugh… And it really warmed my heart to see them with him 🙂

We were babysitting my nephew because it was my brother & sister-in-law’s TWO YEAR wedding anniversary! They spent the day at the spa together, and came to pick up their baby around 4PM. My sis-in-law’s parents ended up coming over like 3 minutes after they showed up, and they brought Anniversary Cake so of course we all sat down and had a lovely spontaneous family afternoon gathering! It was all around very lovely, I loved reminiscing about being in Mexico two years ago watching my brother get married to the woman he loves. SO much has changed in two years, especially the newest addition to our family- I can’t wait to see what the next two years bring to our family!

Chocolate Wedding Anniversary cake… The best kind! 

The bride and I getting ready before the ceremony in 2010!

And that is my awesome weekend of fun! Although I needed last weekend to just be by myself and do my own thing, I realized that I love these ones even more. I had such a great time seeing all my friends and my family, and I’m just very happy as I write this post!

How was your weekend?! Any special moments in yours?


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  1. I had a pretty fun, jam-packed weekend too! I love weekends like those as much as I love my low-key ones. I went to a boot camp, had a fun spa date, and hosted a Superbowl party with my mom! It was a great weekend, but I was so not ready for Monday!

  2. I love your friend’s face in the top left-hand picture – the friend in the middle with the rose in her mouth. She looks so enthused! Lol. It looks like you had a nice weekend, though. I’d have loved to be at home reading a book during the weekend, but I had to work. I’ll be so glad when I graduate and get my life back! Of course, for how long is still up in the air…

  3. Oh, what a fun weekend, Melissa and what great memories from two years ago! 🙂 I love that you had an early Valentine’s party with the girls 🙂 So much fun! I miss my girlfriends!!

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