In 24 hours…


I’ll be in Florida!

Today is my last day at home before catching my flight BRIGHT and EARLY tomorrow morning! I’m so excited to get back on a plane, spend 6 days with two of my best friends, take a million pictures, cross off a number on my Life List, meet my first blogger, and just all around be in warmer & sunnier temperatures in a new city!

I have a LOT to do today, but it felt weird not stopping in to just write a goodbye post on my little internet space. I’m so rarely away from my blog for weeks at a time, I’m sure I’ll miss it around here! A little blog break never did anyone any harm though, so I’m going to embrace the time away to re-energize and just live in the moment. I’m sure I’ll pop in on Twitter, but other than that I don’t see myself doing anything too crazy on the internet while on vacation!

I know I’ll come home with LOTS to talk about, as I always do after vacations, and I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll find a way to do a giveaway with little things I pick up from Harry Potter World and Universal Studios. (I had so much fun doing that after Greece!)

I’ve been checking the Orlando weather regularly on my iPhone, and although there is a lot of possibility for rain, it’s going to be REALLY WARM and NOT SNOWING so I’m happy!

While I’m gone, I have a ton of people guest posting for me once again- there are a few days that have two people because I had such a good response to my call for guest bloggers! So please take some time to read their writing, for half of them it’s their first time writing for someone else, and I know they’d love your feedback πŸ™‚ I’m *thinking* my giveaway when I come home will have something to do with their posts, so check them out, leave them comments & say hi on their blogs too!

Have a fabulous week, see you NEXT Monday! πŸ™‚

My hotel in Orlando!Β 


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  1. I’m always jealous when bloggers prepare for their holidays, but I am INSANELY jealous of your trip! We will hold you to that promise of tons of photos. I can’t wait to hear all about Harry Potter World. I hope you have an absolute ball.

  2. I AM SO EXCITED TO MEET YOU! Nervous as hell (because I’m very boring in person! Heh.) but really, really excited.

    You are going to LOVE Florida. I also think it’s funny how you say it’s going to be really warm. πŸ˜‰ It’s a good thing you’re not coming in August. The heat can be unbearable then!

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