Guest Post: Alex Bryant


Hey everyone! Today is my first day in Florida, and as it goes my first day of guest posts. I’ve a bunch of great posts lined up for you, so I hope you’ll show them lots of love & check out their personal spaces! 🙂

First up is Alex, he found me through Twitter and took a chance on guest posting for the VERY first time! I think it was after writing this (the same night, I might add. So efficient!) that he started using his Tumblr as a personal blog as well… So go check him out after reading his post below!


Soundtrack of My Life

When you’re a child, you always had some sort of pacifier to soothe when you were upset: maybe a security blanket, a toy, or the promise of candy. But, there comes a time in our lives where candy and toys no longer do the job whenever we’re upset, though chocolate may come close. That time usually begins around puberty, when suddenly we’re hit with angst, anger and depression and the world doesn’t understand, because they’re not living our lives (thank you, dear hormones). For me, I was hit with the double whammy of hormones and my parents’ not-so-peaceful divorce that came with a heap of pain, tears and a long list of new rules and new roles as a big brother and son. I won’t go into more detail than that, but music definitely became my lifeboat in all that hell.

   I was very moody most of the time and quiet unless I was listening to my CD player, which became my filter between me and the world. I could handle anything as long as I had Alanis Morissette blaring through my headphones. There’s something soothing about screaming along to songs about being scorned, being belittled or being misunderstood. Jagged Little Pill is the ultimate angst album that I’d recommend for the moody teen. From “All I Really Want” to “Wake Up”, you have a selection of songs that after listening, you feel a little bit better about life and a bit worn out from the emotion of them all. Alanis is best known for her 90’s grunge hit, “You Oughta Know”, but has had an array of albums released since then that have proved her a maestro of emotion and lyrical genius and I have her entire discography on my iPod.

These days, I’m a college student but the effects of my parents’ relationship are long-lasting and on top of all that there’s the stress of finding a job in this economy, finishing school and getting the hell out of my hometown to chase bigger and hopefully better things, all while attempting some semblance of a personal life. My musical tastes have broadened since I was in my early teens and I’m definitely someone who’s a lot happier in my skin but I, like everyone, still have my days. Life gets rough and some days, I honestly just wanna drop everything and quit. Thanks to “Marry the Night” by Lady Gaga, I haven’t, I just keep singing. I discovered Gaga just before she went worldwide in 2008 and fell in love with her immediately. While some may think her music is trashy, weird and shallow, take another look at the lyrics and you’ll see a woman full of love for the outcasts and strength from being an outcast herself at one time. “Marry the Night” was written about the worst day of her life and how she didn’t give up, she kept going, she committed to her dreams and now she’s living them.

Of course, there’s other music besides Gaga and Alanis that have kept me going but all have their different reasons and I don’t have enough words to explain my reasoning behind loving them. Sometimes I’m so angry and I want to throw something, but listening to an outraged woman does it for me. Sometimes, I’m devastated and I don’t have the energy or tears to cry it out, but a ballad saves me the time and strength. Sometimes I wanna dance to a cheesy pop song because it doesn’t mean anything and I’m just in a good mood. Music gives life a soundtrack and gives people healing. It has helped me stay sane in this crazy world and that’s something we all need.


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  1. Wow. Great article! Well written & I could honestly say, “I get it”. Oh and Jagged Little Pill. That was a monumental album for me too. My emotional teen years were full of Alanis Morrisette and Tori Amos. And I love your description of Lady Gaga. She is sort of the queen of outcasts and in this day and age, that is lifesaving for some.
    Again, great artlce.

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