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Yesterday, I blogged all about my 3-day adventures at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but surprisingly enough I actually had time to visit OTHER stuff during my 5 day vacation to Orlando, Florida. Today I thought I’d try and re-cap the rest of my trip so that I could have some pictures and words to remember it all by!

On my second full day in Orlando, we decided to have a relaxing day by the pool to catch up on reading, music-listening, and basically just enjoying the fact that we’re on vacation in HOT weather when it’s COLD back home.

Unfortunately, after about an hour and a half outside, we realized it would not be a very good day to stay in the sun because… The sun was no longer out. Of course we chose the one cloudy day, sigh. Instead, we got ourselves prettied up & walked down I-Drive to the Ripley’s Believe it or Not for a little bit of adventure and fun picture-taking.


After learning all about lizard people, the tallest man, and people who made famous paintings out of food, we bolted back to the hotel with big, stormy clouds above our heads. We didn’t quite make it before the rain started because we ended up stopping in a little ticket booth where we purchased spontaneous tickets to the Pirate Dinner Theater show for that very night!

The show was SO awesome- I had never experienced dinner theater before, and the idea and set-up was just so cool. We were seated in a really BIG pirate ship that was split up into different colors. The color you sat in was the pirate you cheered and helped for the whole show, and we got green! I couldn’t take that many pictures because it was quite dark, but it was a really fun experience; I would recommend dinner theater to anyone who wanted to give it a shot!

The next day we decided it was time to head back to Universal and discover the second park, Universal Studios. Instead of leaving our hotel super early we caught the later shuttle (10:25) because we wanted to stay at the park until later this time without getting too tired.

Universal Studios was SO fun. I had no idea what to expect and I had a great time. It’s a little bit different than Islands of Adventure because it’s set up as different cities instead of themed worlds like Harry Potter. We walked through San Francisco, New York City, and Beverly Hills, we met some TV/movie characters, and we did all the themed rides there!


My favorite rides in Universal Studios were definitely the Simpsons Ride and The Mummy- even though I don’t like rollercoasters, The Mummy was a lot more exciting than some of the other rides there- but I still think my absolute favorite in the whole park was in WWOHP.

Overall I had a really great time wandering through Universal Studios, seeing which characters I would run into. Mascots in general tend to creep me out but I made the best of it! The Simpsons was such a fun experience because I grew up LOVING Bart Simpson (I had a doll of him when I was little that came with me everywhere). I was like a kid when I saw them taking pictures, it was so surreal even at my age!

We spent most of our day at Universal Studios, but later in the day we wanted to go back to Islands of Adventure to see the things we hadn’t seen on our first day.  This is what my 2 days at Islands of Adventure looked like:



I think overall, I had a lot more fun at Islands of Adventure, but not JUST because of Harry Potter. Jurassic Park was AWESOME and the ride (although terrifying) was a lot of fun too. I didn’t have very much fun at Poseidon’s Fury (it was more of a show, which we didn’t realize) but I loved walking through Marvel World, Toon World, and Seuss Landing. Islands of Adventure was BY FAR busier than Universal Studios, but that’s probably a big part due to WWOHP.

On our last full day in Florida the sun was FINALLY out, so we decided to spend some real vacation time outside by the pool in the morning. It was scorching hot and I loved the feeling of reading with the sun shining down on me. I ended up getting pretty sun-burnt before 3 in the afternoon, so we called it a day after about 3 hours outside. We made ourselves a hotel lunch (very yummy, I must say) and got ready to go out. Although we weren’t sure HOW we wanted to spend our last day in Florida, we ended up back at Islands of Adventure for 3 hours to enjoy a few more hours of WWOHP and finally we went to experience The Hard Rock Cafe.




We got back at our hotel around 10PM because we had a VERY early wake-up the next day for our flight home. Although we were delayed due to snow, I finally got home around 4PM the next afternoon.

I had SUCH a fun trip, I wished I could have stayed for just a few more days to escape the cold snap Montreal is having right now. I definitely plan on going back to Orlando to visit the theme parks again once they expand (read: when HP expands) because I was VERY impressed with everything there. Both parks were so well organized and the staff was always very nice to us.

Phew! That was a long post, but I really wanted to wrap up. Thanks for reading! Have you ever visited any of these places? What were your experiences like?


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  1. Ahh…this post makes me want to plan for a weekend in Orlando to visit Universal and Islands of Adventure. I haven’t been in 2 or 3 years! The parks are just so much fun.

    It’s so funny to see some of these photos because I swear I have the same ones! Haha. 🙂

    I’m so, so glad you had such a great trip and that our weather finally cooperated for a beach day!

  2. Never been to any of those places and I haven’t been to Florida in a while but I’m definitely adding it to my Bucket List along with WWOHP!!! Sounds like you had an amazing time, so I’m glad you had a good vacation! Thanks for the recap! 🙂

  3. I haven’t done the pirates dinner theater before! Glad it was fun. Been to Ripley’s a couple times (always confuse it with similar place: Wonderworks though)

    Aaaand the last time I went to Hard Rock was on a formal. We rented the balcony area and a dining room there. By the end of the night I’d had a few too many screwdrivers to drink and I talked my date into giving me a piggyback ride back to the bus haha… it just seemed obnoxiously far to walk in heels.

    (I RARELY tell people that story ^_^;)

  4. I’ve never been to Florida but my friend and I have been tossing around the idea of maybe going sometime this summer (work and life permitting)…looks like a ton of fun!

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