Monday Bits & Pieces


It feels like quite a while since I’ve written a post just catching up on life, so I thought I’d do one of those quickly today. I’ve been so darn busy every day I’ve hardly had time to read/comment on blogs, let alone get any fresh content out there! I’m not sure how many posts I’ll write this week, I think it’ll all depend on how tired I am.

Here’s what my week looked like LAST week!


My work week was crazy, busy, hectic, chaotic, and AWESOME. It was March Break for most kids & we host activities each year from Monday-Saturday. I think this was one of the funnest, fullest years I’ve ever done. I was brought back to my childhood by painting and potting seedlings, re-learning the art of friendship bracelet making, coloring an endless amount of strange creatures and images, and watching my first home-made volcanic eruption. I am STILL mentally exhausted & it’s back to work tomorrow after a too-short day off, but such is life in retail! There is rarely such a thing as a week-end off.

I also had a LOT of puppy time before bed this week. Despite his devilish night-time tendencies, this puppy is a cuddle monster. I think this is his favorite position when you pick him up, and I just had to get it on camera!

On Thursday evening I attended this fantastic Charity event that one of my best friends helped organize. It was SO well done and truly motivated me to get more involved and school if it meant I could help put together such a bad ass fashion show. It was a lovely couple hours spent with good friends (and spending money for a good cause that I really could not afford… But charity! I couldn’t help it. The auction was too good.)


This weekend I put a lot of time in at work, but Sunday was a dedicated family day, and I NEEDED it. I hadn’t seen my nephew in weeks and I missed him terribly. Look at his adorable face, I just can’t handle it! Although he did a lot more sleeping this time around than playing, we still had some really sweet, giggly moments.

It was my sis-in-law’s birthday yesterday so we had a really lovely family brunch in the afternoon, followed by more food and some present opening for her, of course. It was all around a fantastic weekend, even with work. It was a great shift & I’m getting really excited because a group of us is planning a huge Hunger Games event. Prepare for awesomeness.

I have another jam-packed week starting today, too. On top of my regular 5 day work schedule I have 2 concerts, one benefit show, a meeting to organize another work event, and hopefully some more family time on the weekend. I’m looking forward to a day where I am reminded of what sleep is like… But until then? I’ll just keep enjoying the good times!

I’d also just like to take a moment for my dad, who I very rarely talk about, but today marks the 13th year since he passed away. I was very young, but I still make an effort to stop during my day and remember some of the special times we had together.

How have you been? What’s going on in your life that’s new and exciting?


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  1. Your nephew has the BIGGEST eyes I’ve ever seen on a baby. So adorbs. I’m glad you got to baby-sit, even if he was a little lazybones with all that sleeping! 🙂

    Lots of hugs today. I know today has to be a tough one, no matter how young you were when you lost your dad. ❤

    • Ha, yes he was definitely a lazybones- but I still loved being able to see him again!

      && thank you, it’s never easy, despite it being so many years. March has always been my least favorite month because of all the days that remind me of my dad, but it DOES get easier with time.

  2. Aw, I am sure today is a tough day. I did not realize you had lost your father at such a young age. Sending hugs from Minnesota!

    I hope things calm down for you soon – you sound so busy! But it’s good that you are still finding time for fun family time. That always keeps things in perspective for me!

    • Looks like things had to calm down sooner than expected! My bod couldn’t keep going for much longer, and I totally crashed yesterday. Hoping to get back on my feet soon.

      Thanks for the sweet thoughts too, Lisa! Means a lot ❤

  3. Oh, I was so enjoying your busy week full of colour and cuddles, until the sadness at the end. I am thinking of you today, I’m sure you still miss your dad terribly. Big hugs.

    • Aw, thank you Naomi! ❤ I kind of slipped in that little piece of info hoping it might go unnoticed to anyone but me, but looks like a lot of bloggers caught on to it! Despite everything, I still had an amazing week filled with cuddles, though! 🙂

    • Ball of fluff is RIGHT. Plus, we just went to the vet to get him his shots & found out he’s close to 2 months younger than we thought- that means he’s only just turning 3 months or so NEXT week. BABY! Hehe 🙂

  4. Sorry to hear about your dad, I didn’t realize he had passed away when you were so young. So awesome that you keep his memory alive 🙂

    And your nephew is getting so big! His face looks a person from Quebec I know, hehe.

    • Thank you Caitlin ❤

      & YES he really is getting big, isn't he?! I see him yawning and stretching and making real little boy movements and I just can't believe he's already 5 months old. Sigh 🙂

  5. I love craft time with my kids. As well as being really fun and child like it’s a great ego boost when they are loving the work that you’re doing even though you know that your’s isn’t much better than theirs in the first place!

  6. Wow sounds like a manic few days! I too have been struggling to find time to blog and comment lately!

    I hope you are cherishing those memories today – anniversaries are so hard – I can’t even imagine what it’s like 13 years down the line.

    Ps – your nephew is getting more and more adorable by the day!!

  7. First, I should say that I’m sorry to hear about your father. I’m sure it is still tough 13 years later. Secondly, I should say that those art/science projects for kids looks like sooooo much fun! I’m so jealous. Me, Mr. O and Wolverine are making a leprechaun trap this week, and I will be honest, I am probably the one having the most fun with this. 😉

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