Current Obsessions


Both while sick (last week) and not (this week), here are the things that have been running through my head & I can’t seem to stop thinking about!

1. The show Happy Endings. I’m usually pretty good with TV, especially great sitcoms… So I really have no good reason why I didn’t discover this one sooner. It is HILARIOUS! I watched almost a season in a half in like 2 days. Love it! Can’t wait to catch up on the second season (like probably really soon). Do any of you watch it? Thoughts?

2. Dystopian novels in general. I mean, this isn’t a recent thing since I’ve been a fan of the Hunger Games for 3 and a half years now, but last week I had the chance to finish one of my favorites so far (Wither by Lauren DeStefano) and start a new one (Cinder by Marissa Meyer) which has been getting rave reviews. I’ve also got an ARC of Insurgent by Veronica Roth with my name on it either today or tomorrow. Jealous? Anyone? The cherry on the cake, though, is the unveiling of the cover for The Kill Order by James Dashner:

I feel like Dashner’s books don’t get NEARLY enough recognition, which is why I have been furiously recommending them at work to anyone who will listen to me. This is going to be the prequel to his dystopian series (Maze Runner/Scorch Trials/Death Cure) and I am SO excited about it! Not to mention he just announced that he has ANOTHER new series about to come out PLUS I just purchased book one of his first YA series called The 13th Reality. Yay, books!

3. Getting back into shape. I don’t know if this qualifies as an obsession just yet, but I plan on making it one. While sick I lost a really good amount of weight. I REALIZE this is extremely unhealthy, but it was the few pounds that I was having trouble kicking off when I got back to the gym like 6 months ago. I’m going to try REALLY hard to keep all of it off. It’s unlikely since I’ll be EATING again this week… But still, it would be really nice. So. Fitness. Yes!

4. Being debt free forever! Well, I plan on being it very soon. I’ve been neglecting my budgeting goal, but I started thinking about it while sick and it really got me thinking that I need to obsess over my money a little more. I plan on setting my budget straight this week so I can consider this month of 12 Changes somewhat of a success. That means sitting down with Gail Vaz-Oxlade and letting her book teach me what it means to save rather than spend. I’m ready, Gail!

5. Goals. I recently reviewed all my lists of goals and came to a fantastic realization. I’m ALMOST THERE. My 101 in 1,001 is almost done- I’ve got less than 30 goals to go & several that I already don’t plan to complete (I know that’s a weird attitude, but more on that some other time) and my 23 Before 23 is like half done. I’m pretty behind on that one, that I’m thinking of it, but there are a bunch more that I have time to finish before July comes around. I’m excited! I’m ready! Time to obsess over some goals, get motivated, and cross them off. Yay!

What are you obsessing over lately?


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  1. I love Happy Endings! I don’t watch it religiously, but when I can catch an episode, it’s always so hilarious! It’s such a great show.

    And WAY TO GO on your 101 in 1,001! That’s amazing, miss!

  2. I’ve never seen Happy Endings, but hear great things about it!

    I am obsessing over money alot these days. I paid off my medical bills this month as well as 2 small credit cards, so I am not debt-free, with the exception of my student loans/mortgage, which I feel will NEVER be paid off. Ha.

  3. I have never even HEARD of that show, ha! I’m obsessed with plotting all the things I’m going to do once my life gets in order…and realizing I just really need to hop to and get moving instead of doing all this plotting 🙂

  4. SERIOUSLY. I LOVE HAPPY ENDINGS. I think Penny and I may have been separated at birth.

    This week I’m obsessing over getting my photos scanned and the Drawsome app. Seriously, obsessed!

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