Summer in March!


Every time a new season starts to show itself around here, I get REALLY excited. *Even* when it’s winter, I get anxious for the first snowfall, hot chocolates and the holidays.

But there is really no time I love more than summer. As soon as the sun starts to come out and melt all the snow, I get so incredibly giddy. No more winter coats and boring nights spent in while the cold rages on outside.

As I write this, the temperature in Montreal is steadily climbing into the high 20 degrees (that’s in the 70’s fahrenheit, I believe!) and I am SO excited. I know, deep down, this all means that global warming is winning the war, but for today? I just want to enjoy a little bit of sunshine. It reminds me of this EXACT time one month ago when I was stepping foot in Universal Orlando for the first time, the sun shining down on me there too at this exact same temperature.

I always seem to find my motivation in the summer weather, and although I *know* it won’t last much longer, I know spring is here and, not to make a pun here, but that totally puts a new spring in my step! Temps will be dipping next week which kind of sucks, but the snow is just about all gone- I could literally lay a towel out this afternoon and catch a few rays with a book. I mean, if I had time for things like that.

This summer I don’t have any big plans. Last year around this time I was booking a trip to Greece. My whole summer revolved around getting ready to be there for almost a month. This year I don’t have any big things to look forward to, so I’m focusing on making all the little things happen. A trip to New Jersey for Bamboozle, a visit to New York City (maybe!), Montreal’s Osheaga Festival (which has a fantastic line-up this year, hurray!) and many other concerts, outdoor festivals, and random summery events. I can’t wait! I miss traveling and I’m still secretly hoping to do some of it in the next few months, but if that doesn’t work out I’m going to make sure I’m enjoying the lovely weather and making the best of it here at home.

And now? Time to go enjoy some sun while I do homework! Not an ideal situation, but anything that involves this kind of weather is good with me!

What are you up to today? What are your favorite parts of summer? Any fun things planned for the summer months?


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  1. Fun summer plans? Two cruises? Yesssss. I am excited for summer! And I’m just ready for sunshine and lots of afternoons spent at the beach! I love, love summer. What Florida girl doesn’t? 🙂

  2. My big plans for summer are to attend Amber Yake’s wedding! I am a bridesmaid and am just so excited for her wedding! That’s about it for summer plans. Besides that I will be training for a marathon, so that will really take over my summer!

  3. If it makes you feel better, according to my science-y husband, this is just a freak weather pattern, not an indication of global warming. That’s what I’m told anyway 🙂

    And enjoy it! It’s been freezing here 😦

  4. Hello sigur ros!!!! That looks like an amazing festival! For summer, I am hoping to head to Chicago and visit (now let’s just hope the early summer weather doesn’t make summer toooooooo ridiculously hot). Looks like you got a lot of exciting plans, can’t wait to read about it!

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